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  1. Yomon

    Win the iPhone 4

    iPhone 4 looks amazing! I'm very happy with the new hardware. Can't wait! I'm totally getting a white one win or lose.
  2. Yomon

    Those who do not use a screen protector... Are your screens scratched?

    I never use a screen protector. I put my iPhone in my pocket with change and keys and other weird things and my screen only has one noticeable scratch on it. I've had my phone since a couple of weeks after the 3GS launch.
  3. Yomon

    How much are you willing to pay for the new iPhone?

    Considering that it will be better than the older phone. I'm willing to pay the same amount I paid ($400) for my current one. Plus tax of course. Although, I think I'll just wait a while first before getting a new one. I just got my first gen model three months ago and I'm enjoying it. I...
  4. Yomon

    22% Thinner

    I would rather see the new iPhone be the same size. I have large hands so making the phone thinner would make it hard for me to hold it to my head. Plus I would like to continue using my old case. But with this rumor of a flash on the camera it probably wouldn't work anyways. Oh well :/ Blah...
  5. Yomon

    Paul Frank case

    I ordered the slap bass Paul Frank case off of the official Apple website. I searched "Paul Frank iPhone" on google and that is how I found the link to the case on the Apple store. According to an email I got from Apple I should get it on the 14th. I can't wait! The case is perfect for me...
  6. Yomon

    Is it possible to use MIDIs as ringtones on iPhone?

    Ah, ok. Well I guess I can always convert MIDIs into MP3s and then transfer them to the iPhone and use them as ringtones.
  7. Yomon

    Is it possible to use MIDIs as ringtones on iPhone?

    Would it be possible to use the MIDI files (particularly from on the iPhone? I want to know because I enjoy the novelty of hearing my favorite game tunes when I get a phone call. And if anyone can see if it's possible to download the MIDIs from the website to the iPhone...
  8. Yomon

    Has anyone gotten Windows 2000 to work with iPhone?

    I have Windows 2000 Professional and this is a concern for me :/ I have that whole Windows installer problem with this HP Printer that I recently got... I can't install the printer if the installer pops up (and it ALWAYS does) because it glitches the HP installation program, it's really...