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  1. Dakx

    MacBook Pro switched from the darkside. quick question...

    I would seriously consider using a programs called "parallels." Its quite easy to use, but not the easiest to install. I needed a program that would run "gmeditor" which is an FHL hockey simulator program. Out of the ones I looked at parallels looked the best. I was able to download the program...
  2. Dakx

    IMDb application?

    I definitely second this motion.
  3. Dakx

    Just looking for clear screen covers, cheap!

    I went to my local FutureShop the same day I bought my iPhone and picked up this: 2 pack for 10.00, They're pretty good quality I must say, quite easy to install its been almost two weeks of...
  4. Dakx

    how do i get msn on my iPhone?

    If you are looking for an app style IM tool check out "WebMsgr." Its a free app, and I haven't used it much yet, but so far its not too bad.
  5. Dakx

    this or that?

    Mighty mouse. Marvel or DC ?
  6. Dakx

    Any Lyrics apps?

    I downloaded LyricFind Lite, its a free app and its very good.
  7. Dakx

    iPhone Won't Connect to iTunes

    I'm a firm believer of making something easy to search through a forums search feature. This afternoon I had my iPhone freeze while attempting to download an app. I had to attempt a restore and my iPhone wouldn't be recognized with iTunes. So once again google came to the rescue. I am going to...
  8. Dakx

    iRinger keeps quitting

    This might be a little weird of me, but I'm not necessarily a fan of music ringtones. I'd rather a normal style of ring tone any day of the week. Anyone know of free non-music ringtones?
  9. Dakx

    Post Pics of your 3G Case Here.

    Anyone know of a Canadian retailer of the Switcheasy Rebel cases? Their online store is only for US buyers.
  10. Dakx

    this or that?

    That's a tough one, Jolie is that bad ass type, where Anniston seems to be the girl next door type. Anniston smokes like a chimnee which is a major turn off so... Jolie. Superbikes or Supercars
  11. Dakx

    Screenshot of my Desktop

    This is definitely off topic but I mentioned earlier that I didn't know how to "thank" a user for helping. I was assuming someone might answer it without me having to jack the thread. but can someone explain how you thank someone on this forum? Thanks.
  12. Dakx

    Freezing/Won't boot issue with brand new iPhone

    Update: It has been a complete 24hrs of problem free iPhone usage for me! Having reset the phone back to "new in box" status and re-adding my apps and such I have had no problems with lagging, freezing, resetting etc. All is well as of now. Symptoms: -Screen would blank and freeze -Hard resets...
  13. Dakx

    Screenshot of my Desktop

    Thanks. If I knew how to thank you on this forum I would. So I'll just say g here. Thanks.
  14. Dakx

    Screenshot of my Desktop

    Fantastic setup, what program do you use to continually rotate your wallpapers? I manually rotate between a few every couple of days, but i'd love to just have it do it automatically.
  15. Dakx

    Freezing/Won't boot issue with brand new iPhone

    Update: Deleting the apps and adding them back one by one has seemed to fix the first issue of the screen freezing and the phone not booting past the Apple Icon. However, a new issue has arisen. The phone after not being used for about an hour or more becomes unresponsive for a minute/half and...
  16. Dakx

    New iPhone freezing problems...

    I don't believe its a Vista problem as mentioned above, my phone is sync'd with my macbook and i'm having this problem quite often actually two calls in a row, I'm at a loss as to what to do. This is not the only problem i've been experiencing and my phone is only two days old. However, i'm...
  17. Dakx

    Freezing/Won't boot issue with brand new iPhone

    Hey, I've done some quick searches to try and find out what's going on but i've only seen troubleshooting for iPhones that have been jailbroken/hacked. I purchased a new 8GB on friday from a Rogers Plus store. As soon as I got home I synced it to iTunes and updated the software (2.2.1) and...