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  1. Wangmaster

    CALI Insurance for iPhone

    I work in diamond bar! HELP ME! PLEASE!
  2. Wangmaster

    any word on an update?

    I work at Apple and I heard from Steve when we went out to lunch that we plan to launch a new update in mid october when leopard comes out. :tounge:
  3. Wangmaster

    What does Your Avatar Mean?

    Mines a picture of a camera taking a picture, of my iPhone taking a picture of me...i think?
  4. Wangmaster

    my harddrive died

    Sad to say, ipodrip doesn't work on the iPhone. I tried but ipodrip doesn't recognize it as an ipod...:frown:
  5. Wangmaster

    just got me iPhone

    yesssssssss. Congrats! I myself can't see myself without it now. Hopefully you'll feel the same way!
  6. Wangmaster

    iPhone LCD issue

    xxxxxxxx your next iPhone shall be cursed too! :laugh2:
  7. Wangmaster

    I Am Very Surprised How Many PC Users Are Buying iPhone ?

    my bad! i had another forum on and replied to the wrong one...I meant to say my brain went off topic! :embarrassed:
  8. Wangmaster

    I Am Very Surprised How Many PC Users Are Buying iPhone ?

    Well this thread went sorta off topic! To answer the question about sync, I've synced photos from iphoto on my laptop and synced music and address book from my imac with no problems. Just make sure you check and uncheck the right things to sync in iTunes for each computer.
  9. Wangmaster

    Well color me stupid.... :D

    Took me a few days to catch that too. Since all of my macs that have calendar don't show the exact date on the icon :frown:
  10. Wangmaster

    My iPhone just achieved self-awareness

    We have a genius among these boards....
  11. Wangmaster

    My iPhone just achieved self-awareness

    Dude, cut your nails!....1/10
  12. Wangmaster

    OMG, I just clicked "check for update" and

    I just checked mine! I now have mms and flash and video capture and ichat! you are teh bessssssssst! BAN! j/k (got me good)
  13. Wangmaster

    did any of you hear about this? (software update)

    "Speaking to analysts for RBC Capital Markets this week, Apple's Vice President of iPod Product Marketing, Greg Joswiak, said the first software update for his company's iPhone handset is due to arrive shortly." "Abramsky speculated that upcoming iPhone software updates would include new...
  14. Wangmaster

    Start-Up of the iPhone

    Startups are supposed to be blazing fast! Thats the part to boast about! When friends startup my imac, it gets to the desktop 12 seconds after pressing the power button. I have other friends that have their computer startup way faster and that's what's impressive! The iPhone should startup...
  15. Wangmaster

    New easy ring tone maker program for Mac users

    Are you guys using version 1.0 or 2.0? I'm using version 2.0 and it works flawlessly! Here is the link to ifuntastic v.2.0 if you're still using version 1.0. Hope this helps! Link:
  16. Wangmaster

    Increase sync photo resolution

    You must be crazy to have a 480X320 image saved as psd or tiff. The file size would be huge for no reason! I suggest changing the ppi (pixels per inch) in photoshop. Go to Image/Image Size/ change the resolution from 72 ppi to a higher ppi.
  17. Wangmaster

    Windows or Mac? Recent Convert? Share!

    Once you figure out the OS, then there's no turning back. Using Expose alone renders the OS ahead of its competitors if you're a good multitasker. Drag and drop is so much easier also...
  18. Wangmaster

    How much are you paying monthly for 2 iPhones?

    How much is everyone paying monthly for 2 iPhones? I have the family talk plan (700 minutes), 2 iPhone data plans, and unlimited text and my bill comes up to $149... I'm just wondering what everyone else is paying with their plan?
  19. Wangmaster

    ****for Everyone With Low Volume***

    I feel you on that, I had the Sony Ericsson s700i and my girlfriend had the s710a and it kills me when she goes "Our old phones...(anything from bluetooth file exchange to speaker sound, to sound quality...) :embarrassed:
  20. Wangmaster

    are there any cases with a lanyard?

    Naw man, I have a $500 digital camera...without a lanyard it would have been history by now. My old sony ericsson phone had one and it saved the phone a lot. It was weird at first but once you understand all the close saves it's worth it.