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  1. damstr

    Made that switch

    There have only been a handful of times where I needed to use data while on the phone so its really not that big of a deal. Sometimes it would be very nice though! I will admit AT&T's 3G network is definitely way faster than Verizon but Verizon's 4G is superior to all the other carriers and I...
  2. damstr

    Made that switch

    Verizon LTE + iPhone 5 + unlimited data = win
  3. damstr

    Battery life on the iPhone 5

    I don't think the 5 will be able to compete with my S3 and its 4200mAh extended battery but it sounds like its really good compared to the 4S getting mine tomorrow! Straight up trade. :)
  4. damstr

    October 19th Really?

    I'm kinda bummed you can't buy the iPhone 5 directly from Apple unless its an upgrade or starting a new line. I'll stick with my reservation at Best Buy there are only 4 people in front of me for the model and color I want. Probably have it in a week or two.
  5. damstr

    We're gonna need a new forum subject---> iWatch

    I think this is taking things too far...
  6. damstr

    Will there be a Facebook app for iPad?

    Yeah I just use the website and that seems to work just fine. At first I was mad they didn't have an app but I could care less now.
  7. damstr

    prepared for shipment!

    Been refreshing the order status page often have we? Haha You will absolutely love it! I can't put mine down. :)
  8. damstr

    For everyone that pre ordered after the 19th

    Hope you all get yours soon. I know if I hadn't of picked mine up the day it released I'd probably be just as ticked as some of you all. I can't stop using mine. I'm actually on it right now! Lol
  9. damstr

    WiFi issues

    Mine has the wifi problems but only when connecting to certain routers. Verizon fios routers this thing definitely doesn't like. Always have to enter the wep key. Since replacements seem easy to get I think I will utilize this since my ipad has a scratch on the screen already. :(
  10. damstr

    It's been a month....How would you rate the iPad?

    After using the 3G iPad since its been released I can honestly say that it will replace my MacBook Air. I'm typing on my ipad right now and it's pretty awesome. Not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. I love browsing the web on this thing. Sure not having flash can sometimes...
  11. damstr

    iBooks = EPICNESS

    Yep the ibook reader is awesome.
  12. damstr

    For everyone that pre ordered after the 19th

    Ah this reminds me I have to cancel my order since I got one yesterday. Good luck everyone hope you gets yours soon you'll love it!
  13. damstr

    How to carry iPad without using a man purse?

    I just carry it around in my backpack with my MacBook air. I would like something smaller to carry it around in though but I think that will be considered a man purse. Haha
  14. damstr

    Any stores selling before 5pm?

    I stopped by my local Apple store around 4:10 and there were about 25ish people in line. I figured what the heck I'll stand in line and maybe I'll get one. Long story short I was out of the store by 5:15 with my 64GB iPad and it seems like they still had plenty left. About 100+ people in...
  15. damstr

    3G April 30th

    When they get around to shipping mine I will be doing that.
  16. damstr

    For everyone that pre ordered after the 19th

    Let's try to keep this thread updated if your order status changes. I don't expect anything to change until next week sometime.
  17. damstr

    Finding an iPad

    Tuesdays and Thursdays are shipment days.
  18. damstr

    "Prepared for Shipment" order status of 3G!

    Yeah my card was charged the day after I ordered it which was the 26th or something. Probably just testing to see if the funds are there I guess. I just checked my order status and it still says "ships by may 7th." :( Hopefully mine gets shipped out Monday.
  19. damstr

    3G April 30th

    Ah ok that makes sense then.
  20. damstr

    Facebook = HTML5

    Sounds good to me.