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  1. kokogirl

    Win the Incase Convertible Book Jacket for iPad

    My iPad rocks because my lovely MIL got it for me for Christmas. And it is light, the screen looks great and it is helping me organize my tasks at work. I have been using it most of time instead of iPhone or MBP!
  2. kokogirl

    Incase Perforated Snap Case

    OK. I haven't posted a pic in a while so I will try to remember. Edit-it is more purple than this. I took this pic earlier today.
  3. kokogirl

    Incase Perforated Snap Case

    I had 3 of these perforated cases for my 3Gs, so when I saw one at the Apple store I had to buy it. I got the purple. I will post pics if anyone wants to see it on the phone.
  4. kokogirl

    Shouldn't my iPhone 4 show up in Finder on Mac?

    Open iPhoto and it will be there. Then you can import them from there very easily.
  5. kokogirl

    Wife bought a used 3G iPhone to use as an iPod

    You can have as many iPhones and ipods on one iTunes account as you want. It should walk you through setting it up.
  6. kokogirl

    Homemade iPhone 4 tripod mount? Here's mine...

    It looks very cool. Have you considered getting it annodized?
  7. kokogirl

    iPhone Bumper scratches!

    Try iklear. You can buy it at the Apple store.
  8. kokogirl

    Case Mate Hula

    Looks great!
  9. kokogirl

    Case Mate Hula

    I got an email from Case Mate today (well, they send me one at least once a week). This case is a bumper copy, but I think I will get one. Hula Case
  10. kokogirl

    Best alarm iPhone 4 app

    I use this one. It lets you make multiple alarms. Each alarm can have it's own playlist. Alarm Clock Pro
  11. kokogirl

    Best case ever! ElementCase Vapor4

    I like how the Sabre case is symmetrical. I will bookmark that site. thanks
  12. kokogirl

    Now available! Incase Snap and Incase Slider

    I like to do this, too. Or at least I did with my 3GS. I don't have enough cases yet for iPhone4. I am waiting for some more to come out, but I am thinking the slider is a must have.
  13. kokogirl

    INCASE Has Finally posted Renderings of their cases! YAY!

    I have had many cases for my V1, 3G, 3GS and incase has been my favorite. The quality and style have just been what I like.
  14. kokogirl

    Switcheasy Nude Review: An honest opinion.

    I remember that you and I both liked the incase perforated cases for the 3Gs. I was hoping this Nude was of similar quality. I hope incase comes out with something soon.
  15. kokogirl

    Gmail Error: Cannot Get Mail

    This happens to the gmail on my phone sometimes. Go to settings, mail, pick the gmail account, next screen will let you into account info, reenter the password on the incoming mail server, under outgoing mail server-click that, next screen says primary server-click that, put your password in...
  16. kokogirl

    iPhone 4 drop test: the results are in

    You are taking it so well. I would be cussing and crying. :(
  17. kokogirl

    How are the caseless iPhone 4's holding up?

    I am caseless until my bumper comes in or I find another case. So far, so scratches. But I am very careful, and phone is not kept in my pocket (there is a special pocket in my purse for it). I also have an extra one of those microfiber sunglasses bags that I slip it into sometimes.
  18. kokogirl

    So if you had it to do over again....

    It seems like I have less than 5 bars a lot, but I've only dropped one call. Yes, I would still buy it. This is an awesome phone.
  19. kokogirl

    any places selling cases early?

    Maybe my ATT is just lame. I live in a smaller town, so maybe that is why they don't have them yet. :(
  20. kokogirl

    any places selling cases early?

    I called my local ATT store and they did not have any cases yet. I was also trying to get something until my bumper comes in.