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  1. Shirazik

    Phone won't wake up

    This has happened to me like 3 times, but like someone said docking it fixed it. First time it happened I was freaking out. Although a brand new iPhone wouldn't be bad....
  2. Shirazik

    Did this happen to anyone else after 1.1.2?

    same thing happened to me. But that UK thing makes sense.
  3. Shirazik

    Speakerphone, will it ever be functional?

    Congrats dude but that pisses me off how these updates are inconsistent with their effects. How come he gets the joy of a louder speaker phone and I don't? Don't we both have the same phone? Sorry, it makes me mad, nothing agaisnt u and your louder spkr...
  4. Shirazik

    How can I fix these problems?

    Usage sometimes erases itself apparently, not sure if it's a bug or what, but i can't tell u too much since it doesn't happen to me (only when i restart, but that's normal) Safari does crash if its overloaded. Yes sms scrolling does hiccup, so does scrolling through pics, it's just the phone...
  5. Shirazik

    Speakerphone, will it ever be functional?

    At least for me, the speakerphone is abysmal and a flat out joke. It pisses me off that Apple calls it a "speakerphone" when i can barely hear it when its 2 feet away from me. Anyway, I remember reading since the speakerphone is right next to the mic it can never be too loud or else it will...
  6. Shirazik

    Why is the iPod arrow appearing like a song is playing?

    yup happens to me all the time since i use the ipod function a lot around college and when i stop playback it comes back randomly. I think it does effect battery actually from what i've noticed. a bug for sure. Just exit the ipod completely (holding home for 8 seconds) and it fixes it temporarily
  7. Shirazik

    Custom Ringtones without Jailbreaking WORKS with the new 1.1.2 Firmware Update!

    People who use CTU as there cell ring are automatically awesome human beings so congrats
  8. Shirazik


    Pretty much there is a sensor in the phone that senses the amount of light in the enviornment and adjust the screen brightness accordingly. So let's say the brightness slider is in the middle, if you go out in the sun the brightness will be set to half, which is what you set it as, but once you...
  9. Shirazik


    Now, I know this is partially preference, but I would like to know the facts...Does auto brightness INCREASE or DECREASE battery life, or is it insignificant? Just want to clear it up.
  10. Shirazik

    Put Yer Money (Store Credit) Where Your Mouth Is

    Who is eligible for this $100? Early adopters is kinda vague? How will we get it anyway?
  11. Shirazik

    8GB iPhone is now going to be $399

    Ummm, Did the iPod EVER drop in price THIS drastically under the same model? No. Ipods only dropped in price when a new model came out, and when that new model came out it was still in the same price range. They kept the same price but upgraded the features. This is ridiculous. Ya...
  12. Shirazik

    Blotch on Screen

    yes i got that when there is a gray background you can see it pretty easily. They look like 5 parabolic white blots. Just try loading a webpage and flip the phone side ways and then look at the left side of the screen and you might see it that way. I dunno what it is but it doesn't really...
  13. Shirazik

    Last 50% of Battery goes quicker?

    ^Unique For me the last 50% does discharge faster, but like someone said before it probably has to do with the battery icon not the battery itself.
  14. Shirazik

    Best way to rip DVD's to iPhone?

    So I'm looking at cucusoft's website and it looks like it's $29.99. Is that the cheapest price on the internet or can you buy this in store? Haha this might be the first software I will buy since...well, forever.:tounge:
  15. Shirazik

    Best way to rip DVD's to iPhone?

    So, what is the best way to rip DVDs to your computer and then transfer it over to your iPhone? Sorry if this has already been discussed.
  16. Shirazik

    iPhone accidental insurance?

    Wait wait wait... so you're telling me you can get insurance for the iPhone so that if anything happens to it they will give you the money to get a new one?
  17. Shirazik

    Loose black back piece?

    Loose as in if you squeezes the sides of the black piece it moves. I'm not saying that all 7 series have it, that would be stupid to say, i'm saying MORE 7 series have it than 5 series, in my experience.
  18. Shirazik

    Loose black back piece?

    something that has really been bugging me is the quality on these phones. This is my 5th phone now and 4 out of those 5 have had loose black backs. I find this ridiculous considering its $600 and that every single iPhone in the Apple store has no such loose back on it. My 14th day is up his...
  19. Shirazik

    So i just put on my screen protector...

    where did you get this static cling protector? Is it firmly in place, meaning does it not move around? Im thinking of taking this protector off if the bubbles don't disappear by tomorrow.
  20. Shirazik

    So i just put on my screen protector...

    I just put on the Bodyguard screen protector on the front of my iPhone last night around 10pm. I'm just wondering, for the people who applied these type of screen protectors, how long did it take for the micro-bubbles to disappear? I've applied these on my other electronics and it usually didn't...