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  1. Dj101

    Help! Blank Safari Icon

    i used iretiner has a fix white icons.....fixed it perfectly the first time also found here
  2. Dj101

    Mail Icon Turned White

    that fix worked like a charm...thank you
  3. Dj101


    All you have to do is change the permissions for the themes folder. All three section should be set to read write and execute Go to var/dreamboard/THEME now select the little arrow on the side to get to the name and not ENTER the theme folder Then change user,group and world...
  4. Dj101

    anyone want to share a screen shot of their homescreen+apps?

    But my new favorite is the iScape I'm still working on a good mod of the time of day changing wallpapers. But the animated weather,full UI,many icons to start with and beautiful simplistic feel is so so nice!
  5. Dj101

    anyone want to share a screen shot of their homescreen+apps?

    This is a little mix of a couple themes CarbonX icons,ExistenZ widgets,Black fantasyHD UI,pitch me push to unlock
  6. Dj101


    Else is my favorite dream board theme.....runs so much better on my 4s than it ever did on my 4
  7. Dj101


    "else" is my one super theme for my 4s no one that sees it can take there eyes off it
  8. Dj101

    Mic has stopped working

    It happens to me every now and again....but it seems to always be the same person. They sent it out no hassle? I might just call before 5.02 kills my jb option
  9. Dj101

    any good Video Converter for iPhone 4?

    i use winX free dvd ripper .......i do dvds to keep on my computer then airvideo my whole library from ANYWHERE so i have 300+gb of movies availible on my phone without using any space!
  10. Dj101

    My Screen Shrunk

    it is a know issue with winterboard and or activator unfortunately,you will need to restore this time the first thing i recommend after the next jailbreak is to install sbsettings onto the notification pulldown first! this way you will be able to get into safe mode to fix the issue
  11. Dj101

    iPhones on Straight Talk plan from Wal-Mart?

    i have done several phones for straight talk......everything works without jailbreak,exept picture messages and with no jailbreak for the cant get the picture messages to work yet all the instructions arew here and work...
  12. Dj101

    Smart Phone (required $15mo data plan = OK?) Digital TV (required $15mo cable = Outrage!)

    i,myself,haven't made the change....but i have jailbroke and made many iPhones compatible with Straight talk from walmart, for 50 bucks a month...unlimited talk/text/web.....................everythings works without unlock the jailbreak is just to make the mms work correctly
  13. Dj101

    How to stop sending a text?

    there is also a tweek that will confirm you want to send the text before it goes out
  14. Dj101

    What is the best iPhone 4 case with a screen cover? (Lifeproof sucks!)

    what i did to fix the problem was pretty simple....... i took the phone out of the case one night before bed,then i put it back together,without the phone in it, and before i closed the bottom,i pushed the screen down to force air out,quickly closed the bottom to make a seal. you can see the...
  15. Dj101

    Having some 4s problems

    my only complaint is the whole,cant here people I call sometimes,until i mute and unmute the phone. of course i thought it was my lifeproof case doing the deed,so i ran just a regular cover for two days with the same frequency of the incedent.about once or twice a day. side note....i can not go...
  16. Dj101

    Does anyone have a 4s that does not have a yellow tint?

    mine has been perfect from day 1....and side by side with my 4 and my wifes 4s looks better
  17. Dj101

    Quick Toggles for iPhone Settings

    i like these a little better
  18. Dj101

    Anybody finding 16GB memory to small on the 4S?

    i have been usin g streamtome access to all music,videos and pictures from my harddrive to my phone fromn ANYWHERE as long as my compuiter is on so nice
  19. Dj101

    Anyone accidentally swipe over to spotlight search on a regular?

    nospot is one of the first tweeks i always put on after jailbreak...that and speed intesnifier to speed up the damn animations.....why oh why does Apple want there phone to feel so sluggish
  20. Dj101

    How to install a screen protector perfectly?

    i always do mine the zagg way....wet...i use alcahol in a small spray bottle and a small squeege to get it out from under. the wet way will give you a chance to center it perfectly before removing the underlying alcahol and the faster the takes me a total of 2min,at most,to do one...