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    MMS is out right now

    Working in Salt Lake City. Cool that animation, cartoons etc work as well. Also you can send voice memos. Nice
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    SplashData - Great apps for your iPhone!

    I have used spash ID since the Palm III days. Its a great password program. And the desktop app while pricey is very nice as well. Ed
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    Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 Headphones?

    Hopefully Apple will include avdp, or whatever profile its called in the 3.1 update coming soon. I would be all over those sonys then.
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    Voice Control and Bluetooth

    Does anyone know if you will be able to use Voice Contol with a bluetooth headset? I would hope you would be able to with voice dialing, but what about applications and chaning songs while using a stereo bluetooth headset. Thanks Ed
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    iPhone 3G Battery Guide and Charging Tips

    I looked through this thread quickly and I did not see this... If you charge your battery every night, day, whatever and it has half a charge 3/4 charge whatever, then you are only 1/2 a cycle charge if its half charged 1/4 cylcle if its 3/4 charged etc.... So if a lithium ion battery has 100...
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    Direct fulfillment order status (help)

    yes, I ordered a black 16gb on Friday. The AT&T store has confirmed that the black 16gb has been the most popular by far and that it may take a while to get my df order in, but honestly they really don't know when it will be in. I know that many people who ordered the white 16gb later than I...
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    iYardage for golf

    I haven't gotten my 3g iPhone yet. But I will when I get the phone and report back. Hopefully this weekend. If they can input the course by then. Ed
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    Direct fulfillment order status (help)

    I went in to my att store and they confirmed that as well. Ed
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    confused about A2DP?

    What did you find that will add A2DP? I would be interested in it if it did not add too much bulk to the iPhone. Thanks Ed
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    iYardage for golf

    Sounds preety sweet. We golfers need to start sending them our local courses and get them added. Ed
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    confused about A2DP?

    Yes you are correct. I should have worded it differently. It is capable of A2DP profile, but not supported. Ed:embarrassed:
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    confused about A2DP?

    Actually it can support A2DP as it is bluetooth 2.0. However Apple chose not to activate it, however hopefully someone can get creative and activate it. Or Apple could add it in an update. From cnet. About the 4th...
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    SDK Most Desired Apps

    Google maps is nice. I find that the loacation is off quite a bit on my iPhone though. But a 3rd party GPS POI database would rock. Blutooth support please please. I have a great system in my car. Pioneer AVICd3 and the bluetooth support sucks ie address book connection etc....Also I have...
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    Official iPhone Update 1.1.1 Software Update Release Discussion

    Acutally I work for jeep dealer, we add bigger tires to a lot of the jeeps before we sell them. We have the customer sign a document stating that chrysler may not honor the warranty because of the bigger tires. Actually any modifications that could affect the powertrain can void the warranty. Ed
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    Jobs answers questions about iPhone pricing and other topics

    Oh yes I forgot this is an Apple forum. I guess I am old school watching local news.
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    Jobs answers questions about iPhone pricing and other topics

    Just got done watching my local news, they mentioned the new iPhone price, if anything it came off sounding like a positive.
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    Jobs answers questions about iPhone pricing and other topics

    My guess is if they had sold 3 or 4 million in the first couple of months they would have reduced the price by $100 if anything. Supply demand basic economics. Why reduce the price if they are the biggest thing since sliced bread. Not selling so well, lets make less per unit and sell millions...
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    Jobs answers questions about iPhone pricing and other topics

    As everyone here should know Apple did not sell as many iPhones as hoped the first week they were out. My guess is sales are a little slow so this is more to spur sales than anything else. I lucked out and got one an 8gb new for $400 2 weeks ago. I don't know the sales numbers as of right now...