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    horizontal texts?

    mine can already do that
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    horizontal texts?

    hey i just thought of this... maybe someone smart can take apart and modify the code that makes it flip to put it in the sms app anyone have any knowledge of any progress on this
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    iTunes cannot read iPhone

    well i have the same type of problem n it ticks me off. i have a use phone unlocked for tmobile 1.1.2 and itll sync some songs then quits the same happened when i had 1.1.1 on it... and im left to having to unplug and sync unplug and sync bout 50times til i get everything on there but then some...
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    Syncing taking a while?

    mine come out messed up so i cant even gauge how long it should take.... i just wish it would start and FINISH......
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    Syncing taking a while?

    i don't think its needed but it sure helps if you do tho, all it changes is speed and hey my stupid iTunes does this partial syncing crap where it copied some music/vids then says "device cannot be read from or written to" then a "required disk is not connected" and just stops in mid transfer...
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    installer .app

    lol ok take it easy buddy goto settings--general--about and itll tell you... then to figure out wht you can do tell us these items Version= ModemFirmware = Service= (ofcourse you need to tell us the service for sure so we know where to send ya) also PM me so i can better help ya
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    Ring tone help please?

    hey i member finding something bout the MeCCA patch but i cant find the thread again.. anyone kno anything about it?
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    Alternate Installer/AppTap Source

    hmm ive never even seen .svn in installer, u sure your adding it to installer app
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    iPhone with T-mobile

    yes u don't need a computer to make the tmobile stuff work just wifi with Internet and installer now iTunes just sucks mine only does partial syncs for some reason n I have to keep syncing until I get everything on there. anyone got ideas on that u may have to update your iTunes to 7.4 or higher
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    Drag and Drop from iPhone to PC?

    umm I can't name of anyways to do it that gives u as much access likeSCP does but I'd really like know of a better way to
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    Modding without Jailbreak, or iFuntastic

    lol well theres the way Apple does it through iTunes when it writes the firmware... we could call that jailparole :D hey rxmxsh my buddy in another forum had that give a damn pic lol
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    Modding without Jailbreak, or iFuntastic

    umm AppTapp jailbreaks your phone when you install it....... doesn't it?
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    Drag and Drop from iPhone to PC?

    oh wow lol yes thats probably why its better if you have your computer and iPhone on a closed network... even sever your internet connection when you do it because sometimes with me SCP skips right onto the internet looking for my iPhones ip
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    iPhone browser?

    is there a better way to do it.... per say through usb n im trying to look for iPhonebrowser just to test it out but i cant find it lol n i personally don't like ibrickr's poor file manupliation
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    Solid state hard drives

    ohh he must be thinking bout a difference in file system and compression like say the iPhone had a fat system and u converted it to fat32 u could hold more because of the formatting, ive tried that on some mp3 players and it seems like they hold more but they become useless btw could...
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    Your İnstaller works?

    ok to correct my previous post.... the reason my phone bricked was most of the stuff you can download from hightymes isn't for 1.1.1 and hope everythings working fine for you iPhone
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    iPhone Visualizer?

    i kno this thread is kinda dead but its the only one on a visualizer lol well it would be just as possible as in iTunes or windows meadia play or any other media player, the visualizer is software based so the iPhone is completely capible of it :2cool: so umm anyone find anything lol
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    installer .app

    well depends on how your phone is working, like is it unlocked and what firmware u got
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    Alternate Installer/AppTap Source

    you have to refresh your sources but u can add this: if u have 1.1.1 be careful because ive screwed my phone up a few times getting a ringtone