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    well i'm on my 9th page.... now what?

    holy jebus thats a lot of apps. too bad that program "dock" doens't run on 2.0
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    What's your ringtone?

    i had crank on my v1 iPhone current is Rise Against - Good left undone
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    Upgrading Unlocked iPhone?

    download the pwnage software follow this guide
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    iPhone 3G and running emulators

    they just ported nes over, just installed it works great
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    iPhone in car audio

    i use the red n white in the back of my HU to the single headphone jack and use aux port, works good, just gotta make sure your HU has the AUX option offtopic snuggles what turbo is that in your av? looks huge
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    Text Message bug?

    hey, got my 3g on the 11th, yesterday i noticed a weird bug with the keyboard for text messages, i dunno how i got it to do it but it happens like once a day and i just exit out and it resets. this happen to anyone else?
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    Custom mp3 ringtones for 2.0 and iTunes 7.7

    Wow, this was really that easy thank you for posting this
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    Any New 3rd Party Apps worth downloading?

    have you downloaded yeti3d?
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    iPhone freezing?

    that used to happen to me, i found out if i double click the top right power button it will reset it fast
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    VNsea: *Real* Remote Control for the iPhone!

    i just did everythin needed and i tried to connect now my phones been frozen for 10 minutes with a Connection Failed coming up:angry: This is why we should be able to take the battery out **edit** soft reset fixed it
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    Microsoft Zunephone Coming Soon

    my PPC phone with WM5 was just as big of a joke
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    What was your last phone before the iPhone?

    haha i went through a weird time and upgraded/downgraded a couple times from first to last was ... LGVX6000 LGVX7000 Back to the 6000 Samsung A200? HTC PPC 6700 LG VX8100 Wow, i love my iPhone when i think of my 6700 (cringe)
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    iPhone and car AUX

    i just bought a scion tc, the ipod hookup for the car works flawlessly. haven't tried the other AUX port tho
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    Carbon Fiber iPhone cases, coming soon

    would this be 100% carbon fiber ? or just an overlay? I would be interested in a REAL carbon fiber case just for the hell of it.
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    How to add custom ringtones by WJP09 with Pictures and Videos.

    thanks for the tutorial, used it and worked perfectly. appreciate is