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    Win a HardCandy iPhone 4 case

    It would be nice if I couldn win this case for my wife. :)
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    Win a HardCandy iPhone 4 Bubble Slider Case

    This case looks very unique. I would love to own it. :)
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    Just Wanted To Say Goodbye

    Totally agreed...I hate the Bluetooth function on iPhone 4...TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE...There were many times I wanted to go back to the 3GS but held back my emotion and hoping for better future with OS 4.2...It's better be fixed... You hear me Mr. Jobs?
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    Data usage

    Can someone apply for a Class Action Law suit for this BS? It will start the ball rolling right away. You'll get some answers quickly, I bet cha...
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    Data usage

    Read here, You are not alone: I guess unless there is a Class Action Law suit AT&T and Apple will never give you a correct answer and they will continue to charge you. I am sure there will be a Class...
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    Data usage

    Did you turn off the cellular data? If you did then you need to talk to AT&T
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    Data usage

    Go to Settings/General/Usage cllick on Reset statistic then go to Network and turn off Cellular Data when you are at home and try to download something with WII. Your data usage statistics should show zero after that, if it's still show some Mb then you need to cal AT&T and kick their @$$ for...
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    Bluetooth issues, please help!

    HAH, I thought it was my BT problem, now I know it was the phone OS. I hate it so much since I use BT headset all the time. Now I have to have a pair of cord headset ready to switch on demand! :(
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    FaceTime ringtone

    Does anyone know we can replace that ringtone with another sound?
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    iPhone 4 resale?

    If it was 3Gs I might go back but 3G? Naaaahhh, sell it man, keep the iPhone 4 instead. Unless you like to drive Toyota Corolla more than driving a Lexus. That's how I see it.
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    Wife dropped her three day old iPhone

    OUCH, OUCH, OUCH...I feel your pain...Try to get Apple store to feel sympathy for you...It may work. Someone hit my hand when I was holding the iPhone 4 and my phone flew across the room than landed on the title floor..HARD....I stood still for a while before I could pick it up...I was lucky, only...
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    FaceTime question for all

    I used it two days in a row and that's it. I'm sure after the new touch comes out I'll use it more frequent.
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    Please tell me what is this?

    Thank you All44. It worked and now I know what it meant too
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    Please tell me what is this?

    I just saw this little icon that looks like a phone and a keyboard next to my Bluetooth icon and don't know what it mean? Can someone shed me some light please? Thanks
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    Tip: How to Delete Multiple Photos

    That's why I said copy 5 at a time. Keep switching back and forth between your library and your email to paste 5 pics at a time until you got all the pics you want to send then clcik send. It'll take it that way.
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    Anyone knows what is this?

    HAH, believe it or not, I just read that thread yesterday and some how I didn't register it. I just installed Backgrounder today and it appeared right away. Silly me. Thank you Kadelic.
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    Anyone knows what is this?

    I saw this sign "N in the square" on my screen recently and don't know what it means? It's next to the percentage sign of the battery.
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    jailbroken n unlocked iPhone 4 suddenly turned off.

    Go to Radioshack and buy a phonebook sim to activate it or just borrow anyone you know who have At&T sim. After the phone activated just return the sim to your friend.
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    Jailbreak iPhone 4 4.0.1

    IMHO...if you don't jailbreak your phone, buy another phone. The IP after jailbreak is a whole new world. I sold my IP real cheap last month before the new jailbreak came out just because it was a new bottom and couldn't be JB. I bought anoyher one immediately on the same day and jailbreak it...
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    Traveling to Cabo San Lucas, need advice please

    Thanks glsd, but I am trying to stay away from AT&T. I don't want them to look at my account. They will try to add the data plan on my account if they see my iPhones. :) I guess I'll use Skypes and walkie talkie if I can't find a sim card to use over there.