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    The phone you had before 2007, or your iPhone.

    All the Nokia 31xxx and 61xxx and 62xxx, a Nokia 8xxx a Razr v3i (useless) a Sharp flipfone (terrible) several Blackberrys and all previous iPhones. Originally in 1986 I had a cell phone built into my car. What a beast that was!
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    People with me in the UK What service provider?

    This is what he's talking about
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    Anyone from the UK on the iPhone 4

    I have an iPhone 3GS on O2 and an iPhone 4 on Vodafone. The BT wifi deal is good with O2 but the coverage differs area by area. Vodafone's customer service though is light years ahead of O2 in my experience. Because of the poor Vodafone coverage in my house I have a Suresignal which cost...