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    Best Buy to offer free invisibleSHIELD 4fix to aggravated iPhone 4 owners

    I can confirm this for the Woodlands bb in TX. At 5pm the guy said I was the first to ask. It is just the sides. While waiting a customer came up and asked for one and they just handed it to him, no questions.
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    Two speakers on the bottom or one?

    The only time I stepped into an Apple Store was to swap out my refurb (rox0rz!) 3g that had a bad headphone jack. While I was waiting for my appointment, a guy near me was meeting with his genius... his problem was sound was coming out of only one speaker. The genius said she would fix it or...
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    A Good Story Among The Woes

    I got my phone on iDay, replacing a 8gb 3g (which now that I look at it, looks so old, plastic and cheesy compared to my iPhone 4). My connection since has been great. YES, I do see my bars go down if I hold it wrong, but speed tests did not give any difference, nor did I drop calls, but I do have a...
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    How many of us yet to get tracking ?

    I ordered 6am EDT, 3am PDT. AT&T shows shipped, shows tracking number, still nothing on FedEx though, so who knows wth is going on.
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    Anyone from AT&T have theirs shipped out yet? Topic.

    Thank you for the reply. I was hoping that maybe things got screwed up in the system and AT&T had the phones shipped to THEIR centers via fedex and were using UPS to resend them to customers and somehow tracking info was messed up, but obviously not. It's funny, I'm totally okay with getting...
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    Anyone from AT&T have theirs shipped out yet? Topic.

    Has anyone figured out why some AT&T are shipped by UPS and others FedEx? It seems (from what little I've seen) that the FedEx orders (mine included) have tracking numbers but nothing in the system, and people with UPS have tracking info and status updates. Does anyone here have an AT&T...
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    Anyone from AT&T have theirs shipped out yet? Topic.

    I'm guessing that's the issue as well. I ordered around 3am pacific, my att order status says shipped on the 16th (?!) with a fedex tracking number that hasn't come up as valid yet in two days. If it's anything like my Woot orders, I'll get good tracking info the day after the package arrives...
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    So i wont have a case if i get my iPhone 4 on June 23rd

    If this is really an issue, just leave it in the box until the 24th. Or make a custom case out of bubble wrap and duct tape.
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    Okay guys. No white iPhones for BestBuy officially announced today.

    What was it you said the other day on the front page? I forget.... ;)
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    Orders being cancelled!

    A couple hours after I placed my order I happened to check an email account that I rarely look at, turned out my bank (Bank of America) flagged the purchase as suspicious and I had to call a number to confirm I made the purchase or it was going to be denied. This was a normal credit card from...