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    The official "I'm staying up till 3am to order the iPhone 5" thread, gang.

    I ended up using Safari, though I couldn't change the shipping address. Night everyone.
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    The official "I'm staying up till 3am to order the iPhone 5" thread, gang.

    Wide awake and ready to go
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    Are You Going Naked On The iPad 2 Or You Using A Case And Or Screen Protector

    Smart Case + full body Zagg Invisible Shield Still not sure to get white or black..
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    iPad 2 Screen Protectors, Back Shield?

    Zagg does, plus they have a 20% discount out there now too.. If you want it I can pm you, just let me know I already ordered one lol
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    In Stock... Next Weekend?

    Yeah, this is what I plan on doing, just thought I would get some opinions. Good luck today hopefully you will get one.
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    In Stock... Next Weekend?

    Okay, So as the dates of online shipping have changed from days to weeks, how do you think stores are going to be affected? Do you think they well get restocked quickly? I am not able to make the 5pm launch so I am hoping that by next weekend the stores should have new shipments in...
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    Target iPad 2

    Oh awesome, thanks for the info!
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    Target iPad 2

    So, target has a 90 day return policy compared to everyone else's 14 day return policy. However target makes you pay a 15% restocking fee. 3 months compared to 14 days is a huge difference.. I guess my question is, is the extra time worth the 15% which is quite a large chunk of change. I...
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    iPad and Education

    Thanks so much for the replies, they have helped a ton! But what over applications besides note taking would an iPad be useful? I have some ideas, but i would appreciate other opinions and thoughts. Thanks!
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    iPad or iPad 2?

    I have been wondering the same thing. What I have concluded is to go with the iPad 2. One of the main reasons is sell back value, not saying im going to sell it but if I do eventually the value of the 2 will be greater than then original. It also should run applications much quicker...
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    iPad and Education

    I do not use it already but have done research on it and it seems very intuitive... but besides note taking I don't know what other advantages the iPad will have.. Any thoughts?
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    iPad and Education

    Hi, I am a college student and am considering getting the iPad 2. I have a macbook that i bring to class sometimes but I feel that the iPad would be much easier. Some of my classes have PDF lecture notes and using iAnnotate PDF I would be able to write and take notes on them. I would be using...
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    101 reasons iPad is fail, Go!

    One where is the iPhone OS breakthrough software Two Apple should have included a note taking application that you can use a pen to write with. It would have been ridiculous with the student population! Disappointed. Three like many hve said where is iChat!? Over all disappointing...
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    ya i know what ssh is but do you know of a good mac program to use ssh with. and i did turn the phone off and back on again, it did not fix the issue
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    yes, i also installed 5 icon dock and it would not allow me to put 5 icons down in the dock. I have jail broken the phone before but am confused on my it is not working
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    Just used blackra1n everything went well, but I downloaded winterboard and then some themes and nothing works. Is it because they are not made for 3.1.3? or did i do something wrong. Thanks
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    Hybrid Cases

    Can anyone list some of the hybrid cases out there. if you don't know what a hybrid cases is, it is a soft and hard case
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    My way of going from a 3G to 3GS experience

    They gave ppl that bought an iPhone 3g in july, august, or september of 2008 the subsidized price. as long as you signed a new 2 year contract
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    When 3.1

    I am not a dev, but I read somewhere that it is to be out before the end of July. So my best guess is this friday, next Tuesday, or next Friday lol. just some guesses
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    vibe switch broken

    the switch completely broke this morning it will not go to vibe at all