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    Defender knock off cases

    Might as well order a case now. Rogers still sold out. Possibly 1 to 2 weeks to get a phone!
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    Defender knock off cases

    Yes defender series cases.
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    Defender knock off cases

    I meant the iPhone 4 defender in the rainbow of colors. Definitely not the real McCoy.
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    Defender knock off cases

    Has any one bought one of the defender knock off cases off EBay. The come in a lot of colors but do the fit and work as well?
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    Rogers iPhone 4 release

    What the F is the deal! Apple only releases 10000 phones to all Canada. Nobody knows when more are coming after a full week. Called Apple stores and all Rogers retail outlets to get the same answer. BS
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    Rogers iPhone 4

    My carrier in Canada is Rogers. Has anyone heard the release date for the iPhone 4 in Canada?