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    iPod Touch Screen Protectors?

    Personally I think the best one out there is the Zagg Invisible Shield. Its a little more expensive but its tough as nails. I was surprised to find that it came with a shield for the back as well which is great since the metalic finish in the back scratches easily. I put mine on right out of the...
  2. J

    FM Transmitters

    Personally, I found one at the Mall in one of those kiosks that works great. Unfortunately I paid way too much for it but have been finding them online for great prices. You can use any FM station and it also charges your Touch at the same time. Holds onto the Touch very securely and also has a...
  3. J

    touch 2nd gen ac chargers

    Unless the place you get it from offers a money back guarantee I would stick to only the ones that actually say they work with the 2nd Gen Touches. I tried one that said it would work with any iPod Touch and the 3G iPhone. I called Apple tech support and they told me if it works with the new 3G...
  4. J

    Zagg InvisibleSHIELD glare?

    Gee, you really are agitated aren't you. Might be why you're not getting many responses. Personally, I really like the Invisible Shield on mine. I had one on my Instinct and immediately bought one for my iPod Touch 2ndGen. I think it works great and I don't have any issues with any glare.