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    Splashtop remote desktop

    Has any one download this app yet my friend has and says it's awesome it's just like turning your ipad2 into a brannew computer and you got flash icons it's on offer at £2.99 can any1 tell me out about this app please?...
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    What are people looking forward to the most about the iPhone 5?

    A duel coreA5 processor 8 mp cam bigger screen no glass back better battery iso5 4g must I say any more had the galaxy s2 but sold it as battery was crap and to plastic I got ipad2 iPod touch 4 iPhone4 which I'm selling for £300 cracked screen lol....
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    Settings on my profile

    How do I resize my profile pic i must be dumb I. Have iPod 4 iPhone 4 ipad2 lol shall I get an iMac or MacBook pro because my accer hd keeps getting blue screen and need to know of someone with some knowledge thanks if any1 wants to face time me for a date I will give ya mr FaceTime mail lol.....
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    Settings on my profile

    Can someone please tell me why I keep getting error when I try to put a profile pic in the settings on icafe from my ipad2 thanks.... Sent from my iPad using iCafe app
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    Should I wait for the iPhone 5 or buy an Android Phone now?

    Any1 want to buy my sammyS2 on eBay brand new no box I will take £320 cash it's got the data cable and a 2 gb sd micro card and I'm telly you it's fast maybe quicker than my iPad 2 lol....
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    iPhone 5 not till 2012?

    Does any one know how much the iPhone 5 is going to cost I have an iPhone 4 and a galaxy s2 I have put them both on eBay as I really want the 5 must admit the sammy is very quick in fact I'd say about as fast as my ipad2 got the touch 4 but the battery life sucks on the sammy cheers if any1...