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  1. JewelDiamond

    Unlocking 2.0

    I've had no trouble with these steps and getting the 2.0 to jailbreak. But it does not show the AT&T logo and i can't make calls. Any idea what's causing this and how to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  2. JewelDiamond

    SDK News.

    Thanks for posting that.. :)
  3. JewelDiamond

    1.1.3 Jailbreak Upgrade

    Summerboard, customize, and sendsong doesn't work on 1.1.3. I wonder when these will be available..
  4. JewelDiamond

    1.1.3 soft upgrade not showing

    ok, well after several times of reloading the sources, it finally showed up, so if anyone else has this problem, just keep reloading the sources and it should show up.
  5. JewelDiamond

    1.1.3 soft upgrade not showing

    I tried to reinstall installer and that still didn't make this 1.1.3 soft upgrade show.
  6. JewelDiamond

    1.1.3 soft upgrade not showing

    the installer version i have is 3.0b9 .. i updated installer the other day before this 1.1.3 thing.
  7. JewelDiamond

    1.1.3 soft upgrade not showing

    So, what do i need to do?
  8. JewelDiamond

    1.1.3 soft upgrade not showing

    Yeah, i think this is pretty strange i can't see it when thousands of others can. I did everything told to do, even delete all my apps before trying. Grr, so what should i do to get it to show?
  9. JewelDiamond

    1.1.3 soft upgrade not showing

    is there a specific source it might need?
  10. JewelDiamond

    1.1.3 soft upgrade not showing

    no, that still didn't show it.
  11. JewelDiamond

    1.1.3 soft upgrade not showing

    I have got through all the steps with Ibrickr and it tells me to go to the installer and install the 1.1.3 soft upgrade. When i go to find it in installer, it's not listed under system and installer doesn't ask to update. Can someone tell me where to manual add it or what's going on? I need to...
  12. JewelDiamond

    Official iPhone Software Update 1.1.3 Discussion

    I know I'm waiting till something comes out to prep it. No way i could go back to factory. lol
  13. JewelDiamond

    Blockpuzzle Help

    Yeah, this game is great. I haven't beat it personally but my boyfriend was playing on my iPhone for hours and managed to beat level 1 and 2... :) I know he went through several steps so I can't explain how it's done. I hope they will put more games out like this. But Iphysics is my favorite.
  14. JewelDiamond

    Adding E-books

    Can someone tell me how I could add my own e-books to the iPhone? I have the ebook thing that's on installer but how can I add my own ebook? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  15. JewelDiamond

    Ghost detector

    Same Here. I love Ghost Hunters, They are so much more real then these Most Haunted guys.
  16. JewelDiamond

    new app OktoPrep

    So, has anyone tried it?
  17. JewelDiamond


    Great app and I love the music... I agree that they need to add some rock and other styles, and sub categories, all together this is a fun app to me!
  18. JewelDiamond

    burp = porn

    Actually.. My Myers mask was deleted.... Must not be a horror fan... :frown:
  19. JewelDiamond

    burp = porn

    l I would also like to see another app come out with the features you've listed. This is a super cool app. I posted the Myers Mask if anyone see's it.. lol
  20. JewelDiamond

    Jailbreak - 1 step - no software download - Mac or PC!

    lol not that... the link for the wiki that talks about SSH...