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  1. rocco

    Video location

    Can someone inform me on the video location of .mp4 files when sshing into my iPhone 3gs? i cant stand the compressed bull**** that i get when i email
  2. rocco

    3.1.2 and Jailbreak

    ziPhone that was so long ago, i remember when people had to practically type codes in terminals
  3. rocco

    Jailbreaking 3GS

    so i am deciding if i want to jailbreak my iPhone 3gs, i had jailbroken my v1 twice and had no problems with the whole process. I am just wondering if i can jailbreak the phone and then just simply do a restore to any of Apples update softwares and not brick my phone?
  4. rocco

    How to jailbreak 2.1 on Windows tonight...

    does this work for v1?
  5. rocco

    Can someone.....

    really? no one can even point me in the right direction......that sucks
  6. rocco

    Can someone.....

    please pm or post a custom firmware for me? I cant seem to make a custom firmware because of my slow computer. I am on AT&T and I don't want any boot or restore images. I know this is a lot to ask but please i really miss my modded 1.1.3 phone
  7. rocco

    winpwn! am i doing something wrong?

    I am having the same issue help
  8. rocco

    custom ispw

    I am trying real hard to jailbreak my phone with winpwn but fir some reason my comp won't let me create the custom firmware, is there anyway someone could just give me the custom firmware, I with AT&T and I don't want custom boot or restore images, thanks for your help
  9. rocco

    phone 2.0 jailbreak for v1?

    I know I should have searched but with all the threads about the 3g jailbreak I kept getting confused so it would be great if I could just know if there are any current possibilities of jailbreaking my 2.0 version one slow as edge phone? Thanks for the help :)
  10. rocco

    Should I update? I am scared lol

    Okay, so I have two part question iPhone lovers I want to update to 1.1.4 because i am scared that with sdk us jailbreakers will have our iPhones bricked and i really don't want that so i think this bug fix 1.1.4 is going to cause non brickage lol is this even possible? thanks to all who reply...
  11. rocco

    Can someone please....

    ummm that post did nothing lol
  12. rocco

    Can someone please....

    Point me in the right direction of some iPhone pngs? I really want to customize my phone and i want to do it myself without the use of themes and want sliders and text bubbles mainly but any one who replies is a boss and is cool.....thanks :laugh2:
  13. rocco

    Should I jailbreak again?

    ahhhh pressure :smile: ya, i used ZiPhone to jail break the first time and it was awesome so i am going to have to do it again, i need cutomization! but thanks to all these speedy replies. u guys are great :2cool:
  14. rocco

    Should I jailbreak again?

    well i felt like i needed to restore and get back on a fresh iPhone that was unjailbroken, i loved my jailbroken phone, not so much for the apps but for the customization of it. Well anyways, my real question is...should i re jailbreak with ZiPhone or wait for the SDK and hope that it will bring...
  15. rocco

    Summer board themes?

    I just jailbroke my 1.1.3 phone and downloaded a bunch of apps from installer including summerboard and i like the themes it gives you but when i went into installer and tried to install themes for summerboard from there, they wouldn't show up under themes? help i am a noob and very confused lol...
  16. rocco

    Is there a way to down grade to 1.1.1 and leave it?

    the 4th and the 5th numbers are 92 also another question i have is, if i do all these steps do i need to back up contacts? also what are the chances of bricking it? can i just restart if i frack up and go back to 1.1.3 and everything is okay
  17. rocco

    Is there a way to down grade to 1.1.1 and leave it?

    Thanks :) how can i tell if mine is a 3.9 bootloader tho?
  18. rocco

    Is there a way to down grade to 1.1.1 and leave it?

    Is there a way to downgrade to 1.1.1 and just leave it and make the iPhone still work as a phone, i am decently tech savvy but the tutorial for jailbreaking 1.1.3 is just 2 complex and risky for me, so i was wondering if i can just go to 1.1.1 and stay there and still have phone. i am currently...
  19. rocco

    How do you use the new video out?

    I don't know how to hook my iPhone up to my tv? or if this is even possibe. if this is will someone tell me how to do this? Thanks for your replies! :laugh2:
  20. rocco

    Official iPhone Software Update 1.0.2 Discussion

    Update! There is a new update. I just plugged in my iPhone and it gave me a software update. but it only fixes bugs:frown: But it is and update:laugh2: