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    Pink iPhone Leather case/wallet

    sure man.:laugh2:
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    Best Case for pocket or purse

    how was it? i like how thin this pouch is.
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    How many iPhones have you you gone through?

    1) speaker problem (replaced) 2) phone crashed while e-mailing (replaced) 3) crossing my fingers! works like a charm!
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    i'm not scared. it can be replace easily. in this case this would be my third iPhone, the first one had a bad speaker(can't hear anything) and they replaced it. help! if not i guess i will just get it exchange.
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    what do you mean lost stuff? did all that. yes, the battery is full!
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    while i was sending an e-mail. the Apple logo appeared. i turned it off/on/reset. only the Apple logo appears. help? :frown:
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    Something to grip the iPhone better with.. my wish

    how big/fat are your fingers? :gasp:
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    Post your model # and any issues with your iPhone.

    exactly the same problem ma712 8gig
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    A Thought on Volume Problems

    same problem. poor volumes. any other solutions other than cleaning our ears? maggets! btw, i just got this phone today.
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    Just out of curiosity... people have problems with the sound

    SAME PROBLEM! any solutions? or the phone's speaker is busted?