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  1. Darkfox

    Water damage indicator

    Normally I'm not one to call someone a liar when it comes to relating personal experiences, but I find two things painfully wrong with your story. 1. How the heck does anything become "engulfed" in condensation just by sitting next to a drink? 2. I was one of those people stupid enough to...
  2. Darkfox

    Help! Dropped my iPhone in the toilet

    Wow, I'm glad people were a lot nicer to me when I made my 'iPhone vs. toilet' post. Honestly any advice given to you now is rather useless as the survivability of your phone depends solely on what you did in the seconds following the most expensive ker-plop you'll ever hear. Hopefully you...
  3. Darkfox

    Woman Ordered to Pay $220,000 for Illegal Downloads

    Actually I'm pretty sure that it was illegal back then as well, they just didn't have any efficient method of tracking down and arresting offenders. As for paying for music being ridiculous; put yourself in the artists' shoes. Sure big bands like Metallica have no right crying about the loss...
  4. Darkfox

    Movies Crashing

    I'm used to Google Maps crashing as well as Safari occasionally booting me to the home screen, but lately the iPod portion of my iPhone has been crashing while I'm watching a movie. It seems to happen at least once during every movie and will always happen at the same part in each one, but at...
  5. Darkfox

    iPhone VS iToilet: Now Taking Bets!

    Well after more than 24 hours to dry, the iPhone seems to be working perfectly. All sound and video is functional, it's charging now so I'll post in a day or two if the battery life seems to have been compromised. The only issue is that there are several very faint white lines of light in the...
  6. Darkfox

    iPhone VS iToilet: Now Taking Bets!

    I'm sure this has happened to somebody else somewhere in the world, but I have yet to see a post regarding it so I decided to make my own. I'll spare any unwanted details by just saying that my iPhone fell into the toilet. The water was clean at the time, so fishing it out was instinctive and...
  7. Darkfox

    iPhone warranty

    When I called a State Farm agent here in Pierce County, WA she told me that they used to insure the iPhone but now that the price has dropped below $500 they are no longer covering them individually for any price. She did not know if that meant that they were dropping people who were already...
  8. Darkfox

    9/11 - Lest we forget.

    I apologize for accidentally instigating any drama in this thread. I was simply trying to voice my opinion on the subject and suggest that it be moved to a more appropriate thread. It's good to know that the very same people who are willing to fight verbal tooth and nail for this country's honor...
  9. Darkfox

    9/11 - Lest we forget.

    Actually I clicked on the thread thinking maybe it was a tribute to something related to the iPhone. Could've been asking to never forget the earliest smartphones and Palm Pilots that helped lead the technology where it is today. Needless to say I was wrong and thus so reminded. I was aware of...
  10. Darkfox

    9/11 - Lest we forget.

    Just out of curiosity, shouldn't this be in the Off Topic thread as it really has nothing to do with the iPhone in general? As for myself I really see no point in reminding folks about something that, by its very nature, can/will not be forgotten within any of our lifetimes. In fact I was...
  11. Darkfox

    CONFIRMED! Ringtones Will Be Added to iTunes

    I really don't see what the big deal is. So Apple is charging a buck or two for a complete song and the ability to turn it into a ringtone. Is that really such a bad thing when most if not all the cell carriers out there are charging anywhere from $2.50-$3.50 for a slice of a song that's not...
  12. Darkfox

    Real time stock quotes

    Thank you for the responses. I didn't want to take too much attention from the OP but I just couldn't understand how Google's stock was worth over 16-times what Microsoft's was listed as. Despite now knowing that MS has split its stock so many times, it's still rather hard to believe that a...
  13. Darkfox

    Speculation Aside

    How about a post regarding existing aspects of the iPhone that you like or don't think require any fixes/change? I for one just downloaded a movie from iTunes and put it on my phone and I was blown away by how sharp and clear the picture is. I haven't seen the Video iPod so the closest thing...
  14. Darkfox

    Real time stock quotes

    While I don't have an answer to your question I do have a question of my own now that a stock-related thread exists. I noticed that Microsoft is listed at below 30 whereas Google is well over 500. Now, is that actually dollars per share or is it some sort of point system that my...
  15. Darkfox

    Ringtones very soon?

    wouldn't doing so mean voiding your warranty? I personally would much rather pay a buck a ringtone than have a $600 paper-weight should something bad happen.
  16. Darkfox

    Flash Doubtful In My Opinion

    Yes I was calling myself a noob. And whatever I did to cause this hostility I apologize. I swear I wasn't attacking the iPhone, just making an observation. I adore this little thing and I would love it even more if it had Flash, I'm just saying that it crashes certain graphics-heavy programs...
  17. Darkfox

    Flash Doubtful In My Opinion

    Play nice, no need to use sarcasm on an EIP noob. I will readily admit that I know nothing about the iPhone's technical specs, however I do speak from experience and observation: Whe browsing a graphics-moderate website or viewing Google maps in sattellite mode the iPhone has a strong tendency...
  18. Darkfox

    Flash Doubtful In My Opinion

    I'm curious why so many people are confident/hopeful that Apple will come out with a flash extension for the iPhone when the darn thing occasionally crashes when browsing a regular webpage and almost regularly crashes when using Google Maps. This implies some sort of internal memory deficiency...
  19. Darkfox

    Instant Messaging on iPhone?

    I searched around a bit (though not very hard since I'm at work) for a thread to answer what is probably a tried-and-true question but couldnt find one. Does anyone know of a program or a planned add-on from Apple that will allow the usage of instant messaging services (such as AIM and YIM) on...
  20. Darkfox

    Could the iPhone cause you to switch to a Mac?

    After horrible school-related incidents with early MACs and developing an affinity for building/repairing PCs I would never consider switching. Of all the bad rep. that PCs and poor Windoze gets, I've never had any problem with either one.