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  1. osiris24x

    Anybody selling their Blackberry after buying the iPhone?

    Yup, sold my Blackberry 8700C on Craigslist yesterday.
  2. osiris24x

    ****for Everyone With Low Volume***

    Ya, my speakerphone is completely useless, even in a quiet room. I went into the Apple Store yesterday, for this very reason...and they said it was "normal". The rep actually called me with his iPhone, and we compared speakers...his was the same as mine. So, we're out of luck, for now. The...
  3. osiris24x

    Have questions about iPhone? Apple tech here

    Keep in mind that RAM is a rapid form of storage access, designed to bypass the slowness of using a hard drive. The iPhone has no hard drive, and thus likely has no RAM. The only memory I know of, is the 16k cache that the iPhone's ARM CPU uses. Other than that, the OS likely just writes...
  4. osiris24x

    Have questions about iPhone? Apple tech here

    I've noticed these issues as well, rarely does the auto-brightness work automatically, but rather, kicks in after you wake the phone up.
  5. osiris24x

    E-mail Gripes....

    Amen! You'd think they'd give us one or the other...
  6. osiris24x

    Contact Lists

    I think what she means is, is there any way to have contact groups on the iPhone, and the answer is no. All of your contacts get dumped onto one area, unfortunately.
  7. osiris24x

    iPhone POPs all my Gmail

    I have the same problem, five million unread emails because it grabs everything. It also grabs my "sent" messages and dumps them into my inbox, cluttering everything up. Arg!
  8. osiris24x

    Think we'll ever get an Ichat app?

    I completely agree, this is the only real reason that Apple wouldn't include an iChat program, unless they simply didn't have time to integrate it, which seems unlikely.
  9. osiris24x

    Getting notes out of the iPhone

    From what I've read, the only way to get your notes off your iPhone is by emailing them to yourself. Apparently the iPhone was supposed to launch at the same time as Leopard, and the notes were going to sync with Leopard's Mail notes section.
  10. osiris24x

    iPhone Safari shutting down repeatedly

    Yup, happens to me too occasionally, depending on the website. I'm sure Safari will improve greatly as Apple releases updates over the next few months. :)
  11. osiris24x

    Help needed testing an iPhone game

    Neat game! I had to zoom in a bit to get it to fill up the screen, but it does work okay. :) This is my first post in here, btw, so hello all! I stood in line for four hours to get my iPhone, and I'm loving it! It has a lot of missing features and a few bugs, but that's to be expected on a...