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    Just Ordered Seidio Case - Review to Follow

    Thanks James. I tried it out and IT DOES WORK. Just put a little tissue under the base towards the left side of the phone and closed the clicking and you get that snug fit all around.
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    Got My $100 Rebate

    back of your phone...
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    Going to Germany - Advice on Avoiding a $5k Phone Bill?

    follow up question can you take out the SIM from iPhone and use it in another phone to make calls on your number?
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    Perfect Holster/Clip

    What's a good clip/holster to get for an iPhone? I clip my phone on my jeans pocket NOT the belt...the one i have now seems too loose and comes out everytime I to take my wallet out. Also, I need a holster that carries it naked or with a rubber case around it.. Any suggestions?
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    Itune Ringtone

    You need the latest iTunes version (7.4.1) and make sure that there is a ringtone bell symbol next to the song you pick. After you buy the song, you can click on STORE>CREATE RINGTONE and go from there...
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    Travel Question-iPhone

    Hi, I'll be traveling to Singapore and India in Dec and wanted to ask you travelers out there the best way to use the iPhone without going bankrupt. I don't anticipate using internet on the phone, but will need to use my tel no and iPhone to make/receive calls. I don't want to get stuck...
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    Best screen protector

    I was at the Apple store today and asked about the same. Guess what the sales rep did...took out his car keys and scratched violently over the iPhone screen. (not mine I was about to scream until I saw there was NOT a single scratch on it. So, it IS actually scratch free!
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    POP Email! Please Help!

    So, where exactly are you having issues with that server option we are talking about? on yahoo or cox?
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    POP Email! Please Help!

    When you set up your yahoo pop, how did you do it? Click on that yahoo icon they have pre-installed right?
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    POP Email! Please Help!

    Well, there IS an option/way I believe where you can have the server mails deleted when you check it from your phone. I actually like the fact that the server mails are not affected...
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    POP Email! Please Help!

    That's not true..I am using Yahoo pop mail and I have the server emails unaffected by what I do on iPhone.
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    New User...2 questions..please help!

    1. I just got an email with photo attachments...I can't seem to find a way to save those photos on the iPhone/photo library. Is it possible? 2. When I use yahoo mail, everytime I delete any mails on iPhone (to free up space), it get's deleted on the server too. Now, there is an option in gmail...
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    Solution for Gmail sent mail showing up in your inbox.

    sweet.. It works for me....thanks! :) I told this to my friend and he actually put "me" in the field, rather than his first name "Steve" that shows up on his outgoing emails. The "me" term didn't work for him...putting his actual name not sure, if you are doing that, but just...
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    How much will Applecare cost?

    from what I was told... July and $60