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  1. gracele

    iMac What are the Steps to Update Desktop Gold for Windows?

    We include all important steps which are required to Update Desktop Gold for Windows. You just need to follow the instructions: Shut down all the programs and applications. Locate your desktop gold file. Select “Settings” in AOL software. Enter "AOL Gold" in about section Now, update your...
  2. gracele

    Mac Pro How to Update AOL Desktop Gold Software?

    If you want to Update AOL Desktop Gold Software then, have to look to these instructions: 1. Open your email. 2. After that, click on "Download AOL Desktop" or "Update Now". 3. Now, navigate to your downloads folder and click on "Save".
  3. gracele

    iOS 13 What to do if AOL Desktop Icon Goes Missing?

    The issue of Missing AOL Desktop Gold Icon occurs due to activation of the task scheduler, or system maintenance, which removes the broken shortcuts. So, follow these steps to restore it: Reinstall the AOL Desktop Gold. Keep your AOL Desktop Gold updated to the latest version. Go to the...
  4. gracele

    Why my AOL Desktop Gold Icon is Missing?

    If you don't know how to solve the issue of AOL Desktop Gold Icon is Missing, then get in touch with our experts by visiting our website. Read our blogs and visit our website to solve your issue.