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    Will the iPhone come down in price?

    What's price? iPhone is a "must have" item at any price! iPhones will be everywhere within the first several months of distribution. If other hot new items are any example, people will get into bidding wars because that HAVE TO HAVE ONE NOW! Wait and see.
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    Radio Shack clerk says they'll have the iPhone

    iPhones will be a hot item, sold everywhere! I'm not surprised to read that Radio Shack will be selling iPhones. Why not? In actuality, the iPhone is the razor - monthly phone service is the razor blade. All retailers will be offering iPhones and likely at highly competitive prices, Object...
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    Cost of iPhone service?

    Hummer gas and hybrid gas cost the same. iPhone ditto! Gasoline costs about the same whether it's being poured through a Hummer or a hybrid. I'd guess that basic phone service for iPhone would cost about the same as basic phone service for a free phone whose purpose is to tantalize the buyer...
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    Pricing "rumors"

    Not to worry! I'm not at all sure how much a "brobdingnagian" amount is, but if iPhone comes out at 11% more than similarly featured phones, Apple will soon adjust its prices to be as competitive as possible. It wants to sell product above all other of its concerns.
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    No Advertisement?

    Word of mouth is the best advertising medium! Just look at this forum to which you and I are posting - all about an item which has not as yet even arrived in stores. People everywhere are clamoring for iPhone. Not to worry that formalized ad campaigns have been slim so far. iPhone will sell...
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    iPhone to sport a nearly indestructible screen lens...

    Cubic Zirconia - Is this like Kryptonite? I couldn't care less if Superman had Zirconia, or not. If the iPhone is going to be that indestructible, it's for me. Now, if only Apple can work a deal with other service providers (like Sprint which we've used for nearly nine years in our group)...
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    Say hello to our iPhone community!

    I am a mac user also, but on Sprint. The one (and only) issue I have with iPhone is that I'd be forced to switch from Sprint and many of my family and friends have Sprint as well. I sure hope Apple has worked a deal with Cingular to accommodate people like us.
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    How did you find EverythingiPhone

    Doesn't Palm worry at all about promoting iPhone? I own a Treo and like it very much. The iPhone word and contest reached me as a link in a Treo newsletter sort of thing. Who'd have thunk it?
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    How did you find EverythingiPhone

    everythingiPhone actually found me! everythingiPhone arrived as a link in an email from Palm Treo, of all things. Talk about Macy telling Gimbles.
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    switching networks

    Are all plans "saleable/transferable?" This is something new. Isn't it? This businesss of selling your plan?
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    switching networks

    Switching from Verizon... Cingular is the iPhone service provider. Is it AT&T as well?: