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    Win the iPhone 4

    All we want for Christmas is an iPhone 4! who says Christmas can't come in July?
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    Weird symbol on my iPhone.. any idea what this is?

    Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ok, how dumb of me not to think to do that. I have the icon for it hidden which is why I didn't think of it! Thanks so much!
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    Wanna see your Headphone jack moisture indicator

    Moisture Indicators...... Hi, I just looked at mine and one appears to be red and the other doesn't. Now, I have never gotten this phone wet but I did apply several screen protectors.....could the thing have been activated by this? I don't recall getting any moisture in the bottom of the phone...
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    Weird symbol on my iPhone.. any idea what this is?

    so are you saying that i have to uninstall backgrounder? in order to get rid of this ugly icon thingy? that would suck! i like backgrounder...? what did you do and how did you know to think it was because of backgrounder? very curious!
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    do not use invis. sheild

    be careful tho....when you spray the stuff on it oozes out when you are tamping down the shield which it is supposed to do but make sure that you don't get too much liquid in where the speaker is because it will short out your speaker till it dries out in a couple of hours. that happened to me...