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    Can I use Bose iPod dock with iPhone?

    I get a Lot of interference at my desk between my iPhone and Bose companion speakers. Looks like I'm keeping my iPod around as well...
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    more vaja i-volution cases available!

    Looks great, Waveguy! Can't wait to get mine..Thanks for the pics in the meantime.
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    viewmymessage sucks

    I'm in complete agreement. I tell everyone to e-mail me pics instead but not everyone's got e-mail options on their phone. viewmymessage is absolutely horrible. It's as if they tried to make it hard on users to send/receive pics/video to and from other carriers...hopefully Apple & ATT add this...
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    more vaja i-volution cases available!

    Thanks for the pics, Hawk. I cancelled my order for the classic after the revision and went with the Top SP Holster in caterina black/caterina black. I know, I know, could have just bought the cheaper one but I like the black strip down the center. The other looks too much like a TI-85 case to...
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    more vaja i-volution cases available!

    The Classic revision has been posted and a new case has been added.
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    more vaja i-volution cases available!

    That looks great, Hawk! Which color of red is that? I think there's Barn Red, Ruby Wine, & Rosso (Red).. Too bad about your iPhone's battery problems though. Was it not holding a charge? or..? Nice case.
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    AppTap Rocks!

    AppTapp's where it's at. Thx.
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    more vaja i-volution cases available!

    Right there with you guys, I got the e-mail this morning asking if I'd like to cancel my order or receive 50% off and wait another 10 days + shipping. I'm glad they tested the case further and at least they're offering the discount but the wait's already been long enough! Now it's just another...
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    more vaja i-volution cases available!

    I just ordered the classic dockable in plain vitelino azabache with the ultra clip :D I'll post pics up when I receive it...should take 10 days for the classic according to the website.