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  1. JimMayor007

    Hottest UFC/MMA Fighter?

    I've recently takem an interest in this ummm... sport.
  2. JimMayor007

    How To Win Amazon Lightning Deals (ie 50in TV's for $199)

    You may have heard that Amazon has LED 50in TV's for $199, but when you go to look for them you can't find them. This is because it is a "lightning" deal. These deals sell out in the first 5 minutes (or sooner). So how do you win these deals? 1) First go to the the upcoming lightning deal page...
  3. JimMayor007

    Google's New Street View - user uploads

    Google now lets anybody upload 360 degree panorama views from their neighborhoods around the world. (including inside buildings) (just need an app for your smartphone) Gives a unique personalized perspective. Here's a easy way to search them all. custom search tool community street view.
  4. JimMayor007

    Giant George -Tallest Dog Ever!

    Now this is a big pooch!
  5. JimMayor007

    What if consumers made product ads?

    I know its only a dollar(ok $3) and you get what you pay for, but my burger doesn't even come close to the one advertised.
  6. JimMayor007

    Sex Sent Me To The ER!

    No Not Me, Its that New Show on TCL Has Anyone Seen it Yet?
  7. JimMayor007

    Poll Vault Girl

    Allison Stokke California pole vaulting champion allison/'] Allison Stokke in Action
  8. JimMayor007

    The Next Time You Get Pulled Over.....

    I found this one and laughed my A** OFF
  9. JimMayor007

    Funny Amazon Customer Reviews

    I find it amazing how much time some people have to write these, they are pretty funny though. Funny amazon reviews.
  10. JimMayor007

    Why The iPhone 3G S May Be A Sucker’s Bet

    Upgrading to the 3GS from the 3G can cost you almost $400 dollars. At&T will not subsidized it like it did last year. AT&T does things like delay the roll out of features that the rest of the world is getting because they have other providers.
  11. JimMayor007

    Do you use Bluetooth with your iPhone?

    maybe I'll try one how much did you pay for yours?
  12. JimMayor007

    phone does not respond when i plug it in?

    you might want to go over the steps to Jail break.
  13. JimMayor007

    3GS Recall?

    Heat is always a bad thing, I'm in south texas now, nothing good going on, down in this heat :)
  14. JimMayor007

    Battery Life On First Gen iPhone

    Have you tried doing a full discharge of the battery and then do a full charge?
  15. JimMayor007

    MMS will be available Friday June 19th

    they sure missed the bost with this one
  16. JimMayor007

    3G + Push + AIM = BIG lag?

    Apple STILL has lots of bugs to fix in this firmware..
  17. JimMayor007

    "Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating"

    The way they upgrade these phones, how long is longevity suppose to be?
  18. JimMayor007

    Quick JB question.....

    I found a video instuctions that might help you.
  19. JimMayor007

    Finally a FM modulator that works great.

    Installation looks simple
  20. JimMayor007

    Is "Talk Radio" too political for a Apple app?

    Controversy equals sales :)