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    How are all od us early adopters feeling?

    I don't deny that prices fall and newer technology is created at cheaper prices months from when an initial product is offered. "That is the road of technology." I am just making a case that companies do not honor the early adopters, as they have in the past. Early adopters will get...
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    How are all od us early adopters feeling?

    I have early adpoted almost all of the Treo line of phones for 6 generations of Treo's. I know have early adopted an iPhone. Companies used to 'value' early adopters because they buy the newest products at a premium price and allows for the companies, in general, to re-coop a lot of the...
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    Recording voicemail messages from iPhone

    excellrec, You should be able to take a 3.5mm patch cord and place one end in the iPhone audio and the other in your recording device. NOTE: you may need to buy the heaphone adapter to make sure the patch cord seats correctly in the iPhone, or you can alternatively "cut down" the cord end to...
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    Jabra JX10 Bluetooth headset does not automatically connect with iPhone

    1.1.1 maybe the issue, I'm unsure. I have not modded my phone and am using 1.1.2. Is anyone else using a T305 with 1.1.1? Dave
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    Jabra JX10 Bluetooth headset does not automatically connect with iPhone

    SF, Can you explain how it sounds? Mine sounds a bit-tinny but still good compared to others I have used and tested. I had to sync it up the first time and when I get close it just connects each time. Note: if you push the volume up all the way you will get feedabck in the mic from the...
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    My View on Future iPhone Updates and iPhone Flaws

    I agree with you HDS. I think Apple would not have gotten such a "bad rep" with the iPhone, if they didn't tout the first version of it as a "smartphone and running OS X". I have to re-think on position as an early adopter and I do not think I am alone.
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    Able to set time when to send email/SMS?

    I think iCal would work for reminders for you - if you wanted to start using it again. If you leave your computer on all of the time, you should be able to setup your email program to deliver an email to you at a specific time at your phone. Or try: It is a to do list manager...
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    iPhone contacts categorized

    I don't think work with Windows PC and Outlook. Unlike the Mac Outlook doesn't use IMAP. I already haev contacts in Oulook flagged as groups. I don't believe I can place my contacts in separate folders like IMAP. +1 Mac Users +0 Windows Users
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    iPhone contacts categorized

    I think that the Mas OS users and Windows OS users may be seeing differing functions. I have heard of others seeing a Group button for sorting. Alas, for me (I am on Windows XP) I have no such functionality and see what Griffinaz also is seeing.
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    Bluetooth on Discoverable

    I leave my BT on all of the time. And I see no "big" difference.
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    iPhone re-syncing already played Podcast files?

    Is anyone else having the problem? When I re-sync my iPhone to my PC laptop all of my previously listened to podcasts and vidio podcasts keep on re-syncing, even though I have already played them before? Is this s glitch? It has been happening for about a week. It was working before and I...
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    Might sell iPhone due to low earpiece volume!

    wmflyfisher, I am looking at getting rid of my iPhone too, but for different reasons. I really need a password app and to way edit docs before 4 months waiting for a SDK. I was told by the AT&T mobile rep, I would need to cancel my iPhone contract, pay the termination fee, and get a...
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    best power management practices

    I keep my WIFI off which in my opinion the biggest battery drain. I use EDGE 95% of the time, even for MP3 streaming from the net. I have Bluetooth on 24/7, screen brightness on auto. I listen to my iPod each day for 6-7 hours - most of the time with my screen off. Watch 30 mins of small...
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    My iPhone won't ring?

    I have the "same issue". Try plugging your Apple headphones in, turn-on/wake-up the iPhone, unplug your headphones. A known Apple issue.
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    iPhone problems, Please help

    Most of images look ok, but some do look "a little" pixelated. I think it has to do with the bit-rate of the image displayed. Some of my wallpapers look pixelated in large areas of one color. I think this is just how it gets displayed. I have seen some YouTube videos very pixelated on EDGE...
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    iPhone problems, Please help

    Tank440, I play my music with the iPod function and surf the web on EDGE all day. I have very few issues with it. I am unsure if surfing by WIFI would cause your music to stop playing. I would try two things: 1- clear your cache by going to Settings > Safari > Clear Cache there may be some...
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    Notes on Calendar?

    Ok... I will be patient, but as of today we still need a work around for PC and Mac. I won't hold my breath though, as I anticipate it taking longer for the functionalilty than Oct 26. Time will tell.
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    Notes on Calendar?

    Faywolfe, FYI. If you use Outlook and if the "note" in the iPhone creates an Event that shows your day as full... Open the Event in Outlook and on the second tab select... Show this appointment as Not Busy. I am not near my computer but I think that is how you do it.
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    Notes on Calendar?

    You would need to: 1. Create a new Event with the "+" from the calendar 2. Title: Tolls 3. Starts/Ends: All-day = On 4. Notes: $80 This would show an all-day event with "no time" and have the tolls paid in the notes field. Just one way to to it.
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    Are you still happy with your iPhone?

    I am thinking of doing the same: getting a Tilt and using the iPhone as an iPod touch. Did you just pop in your iPhone SIM card, or did you have to get a new card from where you bought the Tilt? I have never had a SIM cell phone, previous Sprint user. Can I just keep my current plan with my iPhone...