1.1.3 update?


Jul 19, 2007
It's difficult to imagine at this point what Apple could release that would make me give up access to my 3rd party apps. Perhaps if they disabled access to iTunes unless I upgraded or some other 'negative incentive'.

I am delighted with all the stuff available now. It's gone from cute but worthless stuff to highly entertaining games and useful applications including the beginnings of stuff Apple left out. For example, we can now send mms, although we can't receive them yet. We can also address sms to multiple addresses. These and other things available are a LOT more than Apple has given us in terms of fulfilling wish lists and once again leads me to wonder if it was (presumably) so simple to develop these things that someone could work it out on their own, and for no monetary gain, why didn't Apple? Truly this iPhone is a great device now and getting better, but only as a result of 3rd party apps.


New Member
Sep 22, 2007
updates are kinda a tricky thing, the reason why i think this is because the more that they update the more HD space it takes up on the phone right? and the more HD space we lose the less videos and music we get to add,,, right?

Actually, after loading Superbad on my iPhone last night I realized how little space I have left on this phone! I think this would be an issue for future updates if Apple plans to install more software/plugins/extras. ....:mad: