3G issue: ChinaMobile to T-Mobile SNAFU...


Jul 8, 2010
New Port Richey, FL
I post on another (iPhone unrelated) board, and one of my buddies has an issue.

A big issue.

Here's his quoted post:

"I've got a 2nd gen iPhone I bought in China in 2008. Therefore, it was jailbroken and unlocked to run on ChinaMobile. When I moved back to the states 1.5 years ago, I just got a Tmobile phone plan, threw the SIM card into the iPhone...

At any rate , a glass of H2o spilled and soaked my phone. I let it dry out for a few weeks, charged it up, and finally got it to turn on today. It had the 'plug into iTunes' picture message on it, so figuring since it was already a brick, it wouldn't hurt to turn it in to a different type of brick and trying to update it.

Well, guess what .... its now a different type of brick thats once again locked.

So, here are my issues:

1) Last firmware was 2.1.1 (updated 3 years ago w Cydia)
2) I've no idea how to jailbreak and unlock this thing, or even really understand what those terms mean and what they do."​
His iPhone now has what looks like the recovery screen on it, but also has a dialog box that lists his IMEI and ICCID number, and he can't slide to unlock.​
He's on Mac, if that helps.​
I'm guessing he updated to 3.1.3, but will Fix Recovery help here? Is he factory unlocked?​


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Dec 12, 2008
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