3GS: Unknown Firmware + Baseband...stuck in recovery


Jul 8, 2010
New Port Richey, FL
First off, HELLO EiC! I'm baaaaack...and doing just fine, might I add. That's a whole other post, however...

Let me start by saying the 3GS in question is not my phone, but a friend's (I'm on AT&T and happily jailbroken on 4.3.3).

Here's the (dire) deal:

1. He was/is unlocked and using T-Mobile.
2. He is now stuck in recovery mode.
3. He has no idea what firmware he was on (he THINKS it was 4.1, but isn't sure)
4. Also has no idea what baseband he was/is on.
5. Before he told me he was an unlocker, I directed him to enter DFU mode and attempt a restore that way. I only found out he was unlocked after the fact.
6. Now any attempts to Restore to the current firmware results in going through the whole process and then ending in a 1015 error.

The two main factors impeding our progress are that he lives several hundred miles away (although Skype is coming in handy), and he's on Win7, and I'm really only familiar with OSX jailbreak/unlock tools.

So...is he now the proud owner of an iBrick, or is there a tool for Win7 that I haven't considered?

Here's me thinking out loud (I'm probably way off base, but oh well...)
1. Could sn0wbreeze be of use?
2. iFaith?
3. TinyUmbrella?
4. Throw it off of the North Carolina mountaintop he lives on?

Give me all you got, eic!


Senior Moderator
Dec 12, 2008
Hey, James. Good to see ya. He could kick it out if recovery mode with TinyUmbrella or RecBoot, but he would still need to hacktivate and it sounds like he just updated to a non-unlockable baseband and thereforee won't be able to unlock with ultrasn0w without installing the iPad baseband first. If he has access to an AT&T SIM, he could activate it after kicking it out of recovery mode and then use a GEVEY SIM unlock. If he has a 4.3.3 or lower SHSH, he can follow this guide for jailbreaking and installing the iPad baseband and then unlock with ultrasn0w.