Adding new address to Contacts on OS X doesn't sync to iPhone 5


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
Despite the fact that when I select my iPhone in iTunes, it tells me that my "contacts are being synced with my iPhone over the air from iCloud," and on my iPhone, under Settings > iCloud, I have Contacts set to ON, when I added a second address to one of my Contacts on my iMac, the second address failed to be added to that contact on my iPhone. That second address was only added after I set the slider by Contacts to OFF and back to ON. This is obviously not the way it's supposed to work, correct?

Could it be that "Fetch New Data" under "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" is set to OFF? I do not want to set that setting to ON, because I don't want or need new e-mails pushed out to my iPhone (I'm more than happy with the e-mails coming in only when I go into the Mail app). However, I do want changes to Contacts on any device (iMac, MacBook Air, and iPhone) to be pushed out to all the others.

Interestingly, I did try changing "Fetch New Data" to ON to see if that would allow the change to my Contact on my iMac to be reflected on my iPhone, but even that did not work.

PS: The correct (my only) iCloud account was set properly set up on both my iMac and my iPhone.


Jan 4, 2010
Dallas, TX
I think you need to turn on Fetch New Data for iCloud. That's how I have mine set, but I use my gmail as my default email separate from iCloud.
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