Album art missing from purchased music


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Dec 26, 2012
I was attempting to re download some music that was missing the Album art covers. I went to my "Store" and then to "Purchased" to re download. I did not want to do it one by one so I hit "All Songs" and then hit "Download All". I noticed that all of my songs were re downloading, but the Album art covers were still missing from my iTunes Library. After checking back through my iTunes Library, I noticed that there were doubles (songs). I fear that I may have been charged twice when I had no intentions of buying any music. I only wanted to re download the songs and get the Album art covers. Recently, I hooked-up my iPhone to a non-Apple net-book and tried to sync my iTunes to the iTunes Store on my laptop. After doing this I noticed the missing album art covers. Can anyone help? I was never asked for my iTunes password (Apple ID) so should I be worried? This is the first time I've ever had this problem (obviously) so I am sorry if I seem to be in a panic.
In Windows there is no Advanced menu as there is in Mac iTunes, so the easy way is to select MUSIC, then above the music pane select SONGS to create a list view. Click on any song, then select all songs by pressing CTRL A. Then right-click anywhere and select Get Album Artwork from the popup menu.
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