Angry iPhone owner in Houston?


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Sep 7, 2007
You have to understand what makes it the best cellphone for me. Since you don't get that I can understand why you would think that I contradicted myself. But for everybody that agrees with me about it being the best, they will agree with me that it does miss important functionality. It's not the functions that makes it the best. It's the completeness of the phone. The fact that I can go to a website, click on a link and it pulls up a map, check out the information on the map and click on the telephone number and call the businesss. Everything is integrated so well. And it is actually quite stable (Safari notwithstanding).
I agree with you wholeheartedly, that what you call the "completeness of the phone" is awesome. Both in looks and functionality. It seems that we just have a difference of opinion of what constitutes mediocre in this case. For me it is the lack of a rather large amount of functionality. For you that is not. The "completeness" is not enough for me to call it the best phone ever, I need the functions that I depend on on a daily basis.

It's refreshing to find someone who is leavelheaded in this forum, and who is actually willing to make a well reasoned argument, instead of just yelling and calling people trolls and Apple haters, because somebody had the audacity to call there little beloved new gadget merely mediocre. Their fragile little egos just could not handle it. I guess, that's what happens when your cool depends on being seen with a certain telephone.

Funny thing is, I have owned Apple product longer than some of the people who like to yell have been out of diapers.