Another Solution to the Outlook well as another problem...


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Jul 18, 2007

I know...this seems to be everyone's favorite topic lately. Here are some solutions, btw that helped me effectively sync Outlook with the iPhone...almost.

First, after repeated visits to the Apple store and conversing with three Geniuses, I realized that I had multiple profiles set up in Outlook. By going to settings>control panel>mail and then deleting all but one profile, I was able to sync Outlook with my iPhone without Outlook crashing and generating an "unexpected error" message.

Also, restoring the iPhone before doing this and making sure that the calendar and contacts are completely empty on the iPhone before syncing is suggested, as there are some iPhone entries that may be offending the Outlook app.

Make sure that both the comm add ins are selected (I'm using Outlook 2003).

However, the second I now add an event on my calendar on my iPhone and I attempt to sync, it begins crashing again.

Also, in iTunes, under the info tab under Calendar, there is an option that begins with "Put new events created on this iPhone into the calendar:" is grayed out and it does not let me select it to make the sync two ways.

I feel like I'm in the home stretch here. I'm able to sync my contacts and calendar, but if anyone has any information that could help me overcome this last step, I'd be greatly indebted to them.


Jul 16, 2007
As an FYI that same thing is grayed out in my iTunes but I can still sync both ways with Outlook/iPhone.