Any themes for iPhone 5?


Jul 2, 2009
Colorado, USA
I've had more minor issues with this jailbreak than any other in the past, but I don't blame the jailbreak itself. It's that a lot of the apps and tweaks aren't fully compatible with the firmware or each other. It's nothing serious; just random resprings and occasional crashing apps. The strangest one is when my dock starts flashing in a rapid strobe-like pattern about 3x per second. It only happens when I'm on a phone call (I use Bluetooth so I can see the screen, if you're wondering) and it goes away when I tap the screen. I'm not using WinterBoard or any dock tweaks. I've had the phone lock up a couple times as well, but a hard reset worked.
That's why I'm hesitant to add themes. My phone has been a little flaky too. My issues aren't as exotic as yours though. Just an occasional spontaneous app closing or reboot.