Any way around this?


Nov 23, 2007
OK, here's one for you:

I have been with AT&T since it was Cellular One in 1990. I have 5 lines, mine's the only iPhone (3GS). I have three lines out of contract; so I went to get two 4s's, one to replace my 3GS and one for my wife's first-ever iPhone (for Christmas). Here's the problem: I had a bad stretch with work and was late paying my bill several times. I always managed to catch it up, though. Now things are good- work is stable and I make good money, and pay on time.

However, AT&T said they would not contract iPhones to me because of the late history until March 10, 2012:( I called to plead my case (politely, of course). The operator was very nice and conferred with her supervisor, but said if it was any other phone but an iPhone they could do an override; but nothing they could do for iPhones. I pled my long-term loyalty and mentioned Verizon and she was sympathetic, but couldn't do anything.

So the question is, has anyone ever been in this situation and found a work-around? The 4S is the main gift for my wife's Christmas. I could live without mine but want very much to at least get one for her. I could pay full price but we're talking $649 instead of $199. I could consider Verizon but it's not as good as AT&T in my area; plus there's the hassle of switching and getting 5 new phones.

Anyone have any "insider" ideas? Any help would be much appreciated. Please, help a real-life angel get her first iPhone!:)