Anybody have experience with HID (Xenon)?


Nov 14, 2008
Cairo, Egypt.
I decided to install HID to my car yesterday because I go to a lot of dark places at night and the default lights in my car are pretty weak and it doesn't allow me to see all the potholes, speed bumps, etc. in the road except when it's almost too late to brake.

Anyway, I went to the shop and had 55W HID installed but unfortunately the car kept giving me error messages on the screen and the lights would work and then cut off then work and cut off, they simply weren't stable at all.

So then I had the guy replace the HID Ballasts with 35W instead since I read the 55W may be too much for the car, and that was right. The 35W did not give any error messages and it worked fine, although it is a little bit weaker than the 55W in terms of how long it takes for the HID to get full power, that's okay though.

Anyway, there are four ballasts in the car (two for left & right high beams, and two for the left & right low beams), and they're all wrapped in nylon paper with duct tape and attacked to something in the car so they wouldn't keep moving under the hood. The problem is, though, that the high right beam keeps failing and giving me this error message on the screen:


The HID comes with a two-year warranty and I'll have the right high-beam ballast replaced today but I have a feeling it's going to keep happening since the sensors and security system of the car seem to be too much for after-market products like HID and such.

Does anybody have advice or any information regarding this? Does anyone here have HID installed? I tried two different brands and the same thing kept happening with 55W, it was just too unstable. By the way, I contacted SEAT's dealership here asking about a HID conversion kit for the car and they told me that they'd have to import it from Spain and it'll cost me about $1300 USD in total, so of course I ignored that idea, too much money.

Thank you very much.