Anyone else participate in an interview for Cox Newspapers?


Mar 8, 2007
Columbus, GA
A national technology writer from Cox Newpapers, Bob Keefe, interviewed me Tuesday morning about a piece he was doing on the iPhone. I was wondering if he contacted anyone else here for an interview. He sent me a PM here and asked me to contact him that morning, so I called and left a message agreeing to participate. He called back later around noon.

He ask several good questions concerning my opinion of Apple products in general. He asked which and how many cell phones I currently own and use, and he also asked about my iPods and computers.

He also told me that he had just interviewed a Harvard marketing professor right before calling me which made me think my comments were probably pretty meaningless. :sick: The professor had been discussing Apple's secretiveness and marketing strategies. I think he said the professor had written a book about Apple, so I'm sure he was considered an expert on the company.

All in all I would say we talked for about an hour almost.

I don't know whether he'll actually use any of my comments in his story, but I wanted you guys to be on the lookout. Click on the link to see if you have one of the Cox Newspapers in your town. I know the Atlanta Journal - Constitution is the one I'll be checking. Look for the 7th Grade Langauge Arts teacher's comments. My students will get a big kick out of that!:laugh2:


Feb 25, 2007
hmm i remember not too long ago another reporter was in here and interviewed chris...SPIES