Anyone get the Griffin Reveal frame case?


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Oct 3, 2010
I picked one up yesterday since I have some Rerward Zone points and I really like the fit and look of it. I read that one person who reviewed it on said it didn;t work with his Zagg invisibleshield. I have on on the back of my phone and it works fine. I will be exchanging it today just because there are a few flows in the case probably caused in production( it appears that when they injected the black poly over the clear it bled over in a few spots and on the clear portion you can see where they disconnected it from teh modling machine(looks like clear blotches) They are not very big or immediately noticeable, but I am a bit anal; about these things so I will just exchaneg it. Overall it is simple, complimenting, and accents the phone really well. I recommend going to get one.


Mar 13, 2009
Picked one up yesterday... love it but the holes for the earphone and charger are too small for my non-Apple charger and earbuds. So it's going back, sucks because I really liked it.