Anyone know where to unlock an iPhone 4 from Bell Canada (Virgin)?

KD Burger

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Feb 14, 2013

I can find several websites that will unlock iPhone 4 from Telus/koodo, but none for Bell Canada. What gives? Does anyone know of a website (or a physical place in the Washington, DC area) that will unlock an iPhone 4 locked to Bell?

I was with Virgin Mobile Canada (owned by Bell), and Virgin has given me the complete runaround. They refused to unlock while my account was active; I deactivated and tried to unlock through another carrier but couldn't because Virgin had the wrong IMEI on file; I tried to fix this and unlock through Virgin but they told me I had to check the IMEI with Apple (Apple Support later told me this was not true, and showed me that IMEI can be verified in the device using a code); I tried to get Virgin to fix the IMEI (they didn't) and unlock the phone, but then they told me I would have to reactivate and pay for 30 days of service, on top of the $70 unlocking fee, to unlock it. I eventually fixed the IMEI number by going directly to Bell, but the phone is still locked. The last time I called Virgin, I spoke to a supervisor who told me: 1) why would Virgin unlock the phone, since it means losing my businesss (because I've moved to the U.S. and you're losing it anyway!), 2) that I should have just bought a new phone (just finished paying for my iPhone 4 - after 2 years with Virgin there was still $233 owing - ridiculous), 3) I should have just "found someone on craigslist" to unlock it for me (absolutely ridiculous, when the carrier sold me a locked device and is perfectly able to remove it). Moral of the story: NEVER sign on with Virgin Mobile if you can avoid it!

Rant over... Any help with unlocking much appreciated!


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Dec 12, 2008
I think Bell Canada will unlock it for $75. The cheapest IMEI factory unlock that I could find online was more than that. AT&T factory unlocks are only a few dollars, but unlocks are typically much more expensive than that for phones that are locked to Canadian carriers.


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Jan 30, 2013
If you found a site which unlocks iPhone 4 from Telus/koodo, you can contact the unlocking enthusiasts via their contact page and information and try to ask them if they unlock for Bell Canada. Sometimes they can cater such request for unlocking your phone.