App Descriptions So Bad That They're Funny


Dec 7, 2011
Miami, Florida
Have you come across an app description in the App Store that's in dire need of a spelling and/or grammar check? Post it here...

This particular gem is called Icon Maker. It'll steal your set you back $0.99.

I highlighted some of the better moments...

The reviews say it all. I won't include them here, but you can read them if you like by searching for the app in the App Store. I tried to provide a link that would automatically bring it up in iTunes (via itms://...) but it doesn't seem to work, at least not on Google Chrome.

Icon Maker

By MasterOfCT


Merry Christmas!
2.1 Fixed the iOS crash bug.
2.2 Reset UI, easily and quickly to make icon.
2.0 Changes:(For developers & jb iOS devices & joys to design your project's icon or jb app's icon, cant replace released app's icon in store, please take a look...)
1, New icon, revert to the black and white style;
2, Universal App, provide pixel set, ipad will be better;
3, Fix ugly white background color bug;
4, Provide save the icon to albums and email options after create success;
5, Landscape and portrait both could edit icon or cropping actions;
6, Including Icon Maker, also can be used as crop tool, make the specified pixel images and screenshots.
********One of the most useful tools for individual developers********
New functions:
+1,Custom icon pixels, including 512x512 114x114 or any other pixels.
+2,Custom icon corner radius.
+3,Cropping and edge beveling or framing icon size.
+4,Could definitely useful to making a good icon from albums library, for main background images, wall papers, application UI images, etc.
+5,if you have any good suggestions or new ideas about Icon Maker, you could email to us.Email is
Choose any photo and get it round rect,handle them . This app will convert them to 512*512 pix Icon,or 114*114,or 72*72,or57*57 pix icon.
Icon Maker is a good helper for individual developers: The people who bother PS and other photo processing tools could download.
I have the Icon generation tool idea to do a rounded idea for a long time, and this app could process the Icon as you wish (Including the capture of the art treatment by their own little to do very good), selfish,:).
A few months ago , I have found that icon was really a big trouble for me,I have got the design for a long time, eventually I have no way to do the rounded handle, use PS? Not install PS, then find a lot of tools, but no one can be easy to use, may be impatient attitude is also the point, always I wanted to see the icon once the design is good. The problem is that tools in general are very complicated, obviously it's a very simple question, why got a easy question to so difficult status?
At lastI I want to use my lovely OC to deal with the familiar, all functions dominated by self. It feels so good, so from now on: Icon processing, screen shots entirely in my own way to create, do not need any other art designer. (iOS 5, waiting for update)
Icon Maker is wonderful!
It's a simple but functional utility!


Nov 14, 2008
Cairo, Egypt.
It looks to me like it's actually Spanish or so and was translated to English, and that is why the grammar and overall langauge look so poor.