App updates get hung up


Jun 27, 2010
I purchased, and received, three (3) iPhone 5s a few weeks ago. Everything was going great on all three phones until this week when my wife's phone started to get hung up when downloading updates from the App Store or when purchasing new apps..

In essense, all the updates will be subdued on screen with the area where the blue downloading bar should be is blank. It won't download the updates even though it appears it is downloading the updates.

I have reset the phone, turned off the phone and turned back on, closed the App Store app to start over, and turned the WiFi on and off to try to fix this problem. The other day I was able to fix it by doing a RESTORE by connecting the phone to the wife's computer and iTunes..

However, today - two days later - the problem is repeating itself and it looks like another RESTORE is inevitable.

Another MAJOR problem with this issue is that it significantly depletes the battery as it is constantly trying to update the apps when the process never completes..

I'd entertain any suggestions that might fix this problem.. It only has happened on my wife's iPhone 5. The other two 5s we have do not have this problem..

Thanks in advance..


Dec 2, 2007
Long Island, NY
It sounds like you have tried all the usual steps. The only suggestion I will make ( and it could be painful ) is to restore as new , not from a backup. There is a possibility if you have restored from a backup that the backup or 1 of the apps is corrupt. A corrupt backup can cause the phone to do strange things. You might want to try a " hard restart " first.


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Sep 22, 2012
Try to connect with other Wifi points. If it still not work, call for Apple Support.