Apple Shareholder Meeting Tidbit


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May 5, 2007
Most folks are probably not interested in the Apple shareholder meeting or the MacWorld recap, but here is an interesting tidbit from the article:

“I wish developing great products was as easy as writing a check,” Jobs said. “If so, then Microsoft would have great products.”

Jobs also pointed out the challenges Apple faces when entering the cellular phone market. He pointed out that in 2006 there were 135 million MP3 players and 200 million PCs sold. In contrast, during 2006 one billion cell phones were sold.

“We’re beginners and we have a lot to learn,” said Jobs. “The market is large and the opportunities are great. A few of us have been using the iPhone a lot and if you wanted it back, you would have to pry it from our dead hands.”

Jobs did acknowledge that the company is still struggling to decide if third-party developers will be able to create software that will run on the iPhone. It’s a decision Apple “is wrestling with,” according to Jobs.