Apple Store & iPhone activations


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Mar 17, 2007
If Apple doesn't offer at least some kind of pre-order option at the keynote to "avoid the rush", I'd be very surprised.

The last thing Apple needs is a launch that goes badly with geeks scratching and clawing at each other to get the device. (And people wonder why other countries hate us...)
Hey, it's just our own version of a soccer match... er, 'scuse me, football match. :)

Remain Nameless

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May 14, 2007
I have no problems with Cingular/Att anyways so signing another two year isn't a big deal.
yes, their service has always been great for me, and their billing, online aid, and more has been really easy to use. A lot easier than Sprint (which I use to have) in my experience.


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Jun 4, 2007
Simple SIM card exchange confirmed!

So, I also called my local Apple store (in Jacksonville Florida) , they confirmed the June 29 launch, but to my surprise, they had no further info as to SIM cards or anything else relating to the iPhone! I proceded to called my cell provider (Cingular/At&T) and they confirmed to me that if my present phone has a 3G SIM card (I own a Razor,btw, so it does!) I could simply exchange SIM cards so yay! Im ready so bring on the iPhone! :)

I just called a local Apple store and talked to the store manager. They confirmed the release date being set for 6/29 (no surprise here) and also stated that the iPhone purchased through Apple will include a SIM card and a phone number to activate the iPhone over the phone with AT&T. Apple stores will not be handling any activations. For current AT&T customers, it will be simply mean transferring your SIM from your old phone to your new shiny toy. She admitted that she is not 100% sure on this yet, but this is what she knows so far from what she has been told and what is happening.