Apple TV in Europe.


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Aug 25, 2011
Is it worth it here to watch American shows or is it even possible? Our ISP is O2, I think NetFlicks is blocked here but not sure.
I have an IPad (3).
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Allan from Canada ( please don't hold that against me)


Aug 2, 2010
Hertfordshire, UK
I have an ATV 3 and I use it mainly to watch content that i have purchased on my iTunes library, like TV shows and some films. I too have Netflix and it works flawlessly. I have ripped a lot of my existing DVD's that I have stored on my MacBook Pro so I can watch those on the ATV using home share in iTunes, this also works brilliantly. I am changing a few things on my computer setup and am hoping to get an iMac soon and a thunderbolt drive of some kinds but am unsure of what to get yet. I also take a lot of movie clips on my iPhone 4 and i watch these on my ATV too using airplay. To be honest for £99 i love the ATV and am glad that i got it.
I used to have o2 home broadband but now have sky but the o2 worked fine with my ATV.