Are these new ideas for an iPhone update?


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Jul 8, 2007
1. Mail accts should flash a preview when mail arrive just like SMS does. (i'm tired of not knowing a message came in)

2. An area on screen should allow you to go back to your ipod at any time. (i hate having to press home, then ipod to get back to my ipod) The upper right blue play button should bring you back to the music player.

3. Give option to press home button to unlock your iPhone. (having to slide to unlock after pressing home button is really a nuisance sometimes)

4. Start the music status bar automatically when you play a song. (i think its backwards right now, having to press the screen to get rewind and fast forward options)

5. Leave rewind, fast forward (etc) functions open when you play music in landscape mode. (so what if it's sideways, i should still be able to fast forward and rewind and skip songs)

6. Right and left arrown indicating each call as inbound and outbound in the Recent section of the phone. (this sucks not knowing if you called them or if they called you, doesn't it?)


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Jul 17, 2007
You know clicking on a number dialed in recents brings up a page that identifies the call as incoming or outgoing.