AT&T "Frantically Preparing"


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Jun 21, 2007
Long Island, NY
In a recent post on AppleInsider, they say they have intercepted a memo to staff on the ways that they are frantically preparing for iDay.

The corporate memo pays particular attention to those who will man the front lines of the launch. Besides bringing in the temporary workers hired just for the event, AT&T is recommending that its stores keep multiple existing staff available just to manage the queues expected outside of each shop. Marketing, sales, and regional staff will be added to the crowd control roster, even during the morning shifts. These same employees may also need to greet customers at the door, the note says.

The post also mentions...

Staffers will also have to accommodate Apple's characteristically high level of secrecy during this final week before the launch. Special updates, dubbed "iReady" messages, will reach company inboxes on a daily basis and will be necessary to keep tabs on last-minute launch details. Employees with cellphones will even have access to a special subscription that delivers brief versions of the notices to their handsets in off hours.