AT&T Purchasers Question...

Josh Yates

Jul 14, 2007
Orion, MI
Something interesting happened when I placed my order through AT&T this AM and I'm wondering if it happened to anyone else.

My line has unlimited data, but was not eligible for this upgrade. My wife's line has 200 mb of data per month and WAS eligible for the upgrade. My wife will be getting my 4S and I will be transferring the iPhone 5 to my line before activating it.

Anyway, when I upgraded the phone, the plan placed TWO data plans on her for her regular $15 per month 200 mb plan and ANOTHER 200 mb plan for iPhone LTE. Not sure if it will charge us for two...I'll make that part of my call when I get the 5 transferred to my line.

Just wondering if anyone else had any anomaly happen like that with your data plan when you upgraded.


Apr 4, 2011
Somewhere between DC and Baltimore.
OH that would stink !
AT&T really?
we have 3 lines one unlimited $30 sons (he uses up to about 6gb)
1 is hotspot 4gb $45 (mine)
and the other is the $15 200mb (hubby LOL)
I still think we are better off getting the family 10GB plan
I never use all my data and hubby get's close somedays
son never got throttled